Moderate Fantasy vs Rotting Reality

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hi everyone… Today’s topic deals with people who don’t want to face the realities of the coming hard times and the dangers that are in store for everybody in this new third Reich administration; now going into a second term.


My prime example of someone who doesn’t get it is my mother. She and I have had plenty of debates over politics, but the one thing she doesn’t understand is that the Communists were injected into American culture long before she was born and it was present in her public school system in the 1960s. But then again, according to her, that’s impossible. I have talked about gun rights to her as well. She has stated there should be more gun laws that ban extreme guns, so I asked her what she thought an “extreme gun” was. She said any gun with a magazine with 100 rounds or more. Then I told her something shocking… Mom, it’s no one’s business what kind of guns I own — in fact, neither you or the government have any business knowing what guns I own period! She got mad; then she asked my opinion on the Colorado theater shooting. So, I told her that if there had been a couple of CCW holders in the seats, he would have been stopped dead and again she was all shocked and surprised.

Then one day she asked me about Romney’s statement about the 48% that are welfare bums that don’t pay taxes and who would not vote for him because he didn’t offer up free stuff. I said he’s right on the money and the current number on welfare prove him right. She got incensed again. How dare I make a truthful statement like that. You see my parents have been on all kinds of government handout programs for years and years and so for the most part they don’t know any other way. To be honest, my father has never been a strong willed man. He let his crappy past get the best of him a long time ago and it’s been down hill from there.

Then there’s my mother’s favorite statement from me that just drove her absolutely nuts and over the edge. When I called Obama a Muslim Nazi, you would have thought I had just eaten a puppy in front of her and asked for a beer at the same time (my parents are Mormon). So, I told her a little about history and its connection to Obama’s values and ideals. Which in a nutshell is this: kill Israel, kill babies, kill small business, kill innovation, kill liberty, kill the constitution… does anyone notice a pattern forming here? Folks, I do. She insisted that I give more respect to the office of president. I told her you have to earn that from us and it’s not with free cell phones and Nazism.

My mother suffers from the public school system values of the 1960s in California and so her historical knowledge is paper thin at best. The next thing that drives her crazy is when I refer to a founding father or other relevant historical figure. Or why I would quote them while stating the need that I refer to the ideas of dead guys. Because their ideas and values are as important today as they were then and their warnings on what NOT TO DO still stand today as well. Just because you choose to ignore it, doesn’t make it less relevant or outdated.


Then there’s her hatred for Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, claiming they are the real cause of all the country’s problems, as opposed to stupid people and manipulative scumbag politicians. Here’s a funny story on how I got to where I am now: I blame my parents and they know this, but they go silent when I talk about the following incident. It’s funny and true that in 1991, when I was a snot nosed 19 year-old kid, I registered to vote as a Republican to rebel against my parents being Democrats. But in reality, I had no political insight or knowledge. I knew nothing. I was working in Yosemite Park after I graduated high school. One time, I came to visit the folks, I was up late and they wanted to show me a late night TV show which they found entertaining at the time (how little they knew – lol). That’s when a little known radio host out of Sacramento in 1988 got syndicated and was just now trying out television on late night. It changed everything for me and my political knowledge and views forever. It was my first exposure to Rush Limbaugh.

The second half of my journey happened around 8 years ago. I had an old console radio someone had given me and I was off work going through the stations, when this guy was talking about an adoption he and his wife were waiting on and how excited he was. This was my accidental discovery of Glenn Beck and his out of the box view of politics, history and philosophy.


Now let’s look at the reality going on all round us at this moment. Obama has been voted in for a second term. I was one of the few that knew this would happen. Within 24 hours after the vote, layoffs started popping up everywhere, gun sales skyrocketed to 70% in less then 24 hours, the UN arms treaty was back on the table and Obama had managed to do something that no other president in modern history has ever done — PISS OFF THE UNITED STATES NAVY SEALS THREE TIMES!

The American government budget still hasn’t been passed in three years, we have a Nazi in the White House and now Egypt is the new third Reich thanks to Obama’s support and money. Israel is now at war alone without American support. America has a stake in Israel and Obama ignores that. In New York City, Bloomberg who couldn’t operate a water hose, is telling people what to eat and drink. He even feels he has to tell others to help out in times of disaster. Bloomberg has to be one of the most ignorant mayors I have heard of. Detroit is a lost cause; Chicago is a lot like Haiti and a lost cause as well. The borders of Texas and Arizona are at war and thanks to the help of Obama and the ATF, those cartel scumbags are well armed. The next 6 months are going to see hospitals lay off or shut down. We’re going to see a 50% rise in homelessness. We are already seeing both long running businesses and family favorites shut down. The “Shutting down of America’s engine” has just begun (yes, it’s an ATLAS SHRUGGED reference, deal with it).

Let’s look at my mom’s home state of California and the reality it is currently going through. Merced County has the highest unemployment rate in the state. Don’t be fooled otherwise just because they are going to build a useless monorail train with money California doesn’t have. This won’t make California successful for crying out loud! You’ve chosen to repeat the mistakes of the 1970s and you’ve reelected JERRY “MOONBEAM” BROWN. California in all reality has been bankrupt for at least 5 years and many towns and cities in California are so bankrupt they are cutting back on law enforcement. Time to buy a gun anyway… because the cops are not going to be there in time. The corrupt welfare state of California, the illegal Mexican problem and the overpaid pensions in California are the main reasons that that cute little state is bankrupt and corrupt.

So, the next time some naive politically stupid person tells you that’s impossible or there’s nothing to see here, please remind them to puke out the KOOL AID they just drank, lol.

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  1. I’m sending this on to my contacts who think as do your mother. There are none so deaf as those who will not hear, but maybe even one will listen.

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