The war against the gun

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone… Hope you liked my last article. Today, I won’t be talking about the war on women. That’s a media distraction. No, no, no… But I will talk about the war on guns. I mean your guns and any and all American gun ownership. Obama, Clinton and the United Nations, along with The Muslim brotherhood have all declared war on your second amendment rights.

Of course, within 24 hours after Obama’s reelection, the UN Arms Treaty was put back on the table and Obama is planning to bypass Congress to get all weapons ownership banned. Make no mistake… Obama plans to move fast and not wait to take your guns piece by piece. He hasn’t the time.

Of course he will openly lie to everyone; claiming that the weapons ban is for the good of the country or for the safety of the people. These are the same age old government lies that have been told over and over since the Third Reich and even longer. Hitler pushed that lie to disarm millions. Where was the public safety after that? Oh yes, those wonderful death interment camps.


The UN will claim they are doing the treaty because they are worried about human rights and world peace. When in fact, the UN is about 99% full of the kind of backward ass scumbags, socialist dictators, radical Muslims and Communist punks that want America dead or radicalized. So, don’t give me that world peace crap. Hello! Remember who helped create the UN? Joseph Stalin, who was more of a disarmer and mass murderer then Hitler was.

When these UN advisers do start going door to door, they will be escorted by heavily armed agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Why do you think they have been buying up millions of rounds of ammunition? Plinking? This will be an on the ground war that will see thousands dead and imprisoned for merely being free minded Americans.


And what of the local military and law enforcement in your area? Are they going to follow these UN and DHS goons around as second string back up and help shred the constitution along the way? I would say ‘yes’ to this, especially in the more liberal states and cities. Most of those places as of late have been hiring corrupt and moronic people to be police officers. As for local military, I have been reading and seeing all kinds of bad signs from maneuvers within towns and city streets, to the rumors of massive purchases of… get this… gallows for both hangings and beheadings for anyone that rebels. Then there’s that 1964 State Dept. memo, “Shoot to Kill” order that’s been part of this for years. They have just been waiting for the right president.

Come on! Do you really think that the Muslim brotherhood is supporting gun control because they want world peace? That’s something my mother would say.

These asshats need a defenseless America in order to get Sharia law into the American culture and society, but they can’t do that with a strong constitution and an armed America. They also fear armed women in America. That’s why they need the Obama/UN gun ban treaty. Nothing scares the crap out of Muslims more than a woman that can kill them.


As of now, we have until March. That’s when Obama will sign the treaty and bypass Congress to get your guns and I mean, all of them. He will do half ass measures like Bill Clinton did. Obama will go all out – make no mistake. There’s nothing the NRA can do about it. They are not that strong or well funded. Giving them $20 a month is no help and the Senate and Congress don’t have the balls to stop this. When the UN starts to show up, be prepared to fight or be imprisoned. Those are your choices. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so. With all the people yelling IMPEACH, I don’t see that happening and with politicians on both sides not wanting to rock the boat, I don’t trust them at all. The fight to be armed and free has now begun. Are you going to wait for weak, stupid and useless politicians to save you and protect you and your freedom? Or are you going to take responsibility for yourself and your family? When this starts, there’s not going to be helpful police around. No local politician will stop this… in fact they are part of the problem.

One thought on “The war against the gun

  1. Brilliant article, one that truly makes my blood boil!! Obama, the dictator, will ensure by the end of his undeserved second term, that Americans will have NO Constiutional rights – reason being, a Constitutional will no longer exist!! Said it before, and I’ll say it again – the biggest threat facing America today, is Obama and his commie Administration.

    Patriotic Americans, as a matter of urgency, need to unite and take whatever measures necessary, to save America from the jaws of the Muslim Brotherhood’s local representitive, Comrade Obama!!

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