Obama’s trip to Detroit completely overshadowed by ‘poetic justice’

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By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Today, President Barack Obama visits the ‘functionally bankrupt’ city of Detroit (while it still technically exists–for a few more weeks), in a bald attempt to bask in the glow of an event for which he had absolutely no role.

The purpose of President Obama’s visit is to speak before a group of employees at the Detroit Diesel manufacturing plant owned by German automaker Daimler AG–which is poised to announce an additional $100 million investment … “in new technology, expanded production and jobs in the United States,” to broaden its’ powertrain (engine and transmission) production, according to Dave Shepardson’s Detroit News article today.

So, what is the topic of Obama’s speech?

Craig Ruff, Senior Policy Fellow at Public Sector Consultants, believes that Obama will use this platform to continue beating his drum on raising the tax rates of wealthier Americans.

I don’t think he would want to make it the headline of the visit,” Ruff said of the right-to-work issue. He’s got bigger fish to fry. He’s clearly focused on the fiscal cliff.

Democratic Party chairman Mark Brewer agreed, saying he expects the focus of the visit to be on “tax fairness.”

However, there are three other larger, Michigan-oriented stories that ‘overshadow’ Obama’s visit, which are in factual conflict with his record, as painted (or ignored) by he, and the mainstream media.

First, Michigan’s Republican-dominated legislature will pass, and its’ Republican Governor will sign, a brand new ‘Right-to-Work’ law into existence tomorrow–delivering yet another crippling blow to labor unions in the ‘Rustbelt,’ as we reported last Friday.

This will operate to quickly erode the [Democrat] blue-state status of Michigan, and perhaps, along with Wisconsin, change its’ color to ‘red’ by the 2014 mid-term elections.

Second, just last Wednesday we reported on a video sent to FOX 2 Detroit, which captured a barely-literate Detroit city councilwoman named JoAnn Watson, who shamelessly took a page from the playbook of imprisoned former Democrat Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich, and openly demanded Obama provide a federal bailout for Detroit–in return for the nearly 75% of voters who supported his re-election recently.

The majority of Detroit’s financial woes stem from the flight of [sane] capital and the middle class from the city, in a growing revolt over time against rising crime, taxes and government corruption.

Finally, the astronomical accumulated cost of their unionized public employees, including teachers, fire, police and public servants has been largely pathetic.

Amazingly, the most recent statistics show that 47 percent of the people who live in Detroit are ‘functionally illiterate,’ according to a May 4, 2011, WWJ CBS News radio in Detroit.

Director of the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, explained exactly what this means:

[They are] not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday [things]. Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks. I don’t really know how they get by, but they do. Are they getting by well? Well, that’s another question.

For other major urban areas, we are a little bit on the high side… We compare, slightly higher, to Washington D.C. … and in Cleveland.

There are also some Detroit suburbs that have shockingly high illiteracy rates, like Pontiac at 34 percent, and Southfield with 24 percent.

The bottom line is that half of the residents of Detroit could not pass a Driver’s License test (and thus get a picture ID), however, they were still allowed to vote–regardless of the fact that they could not even read the ballot document–in any language.

There is a ‘thread’ of poetic justice in this pathetic tale of the dramatic downfall of the iconic ‘Motor City,’ which centers on the fact that these voters got what they voted for

The inscription on the head stone for Detroit, may well read something like this…

The friendship of union greed and political gain,

focused solely on benefit-seekers and the vain.

After decades of corruption and voter neglect,

those who built it got scared and left.

Now that the ‘gravy train’ is long gone,

only the illiterate remain, and murders carry on.

Has the entire United States reached the point were the decades old infiltration of the Liberal ideology has spawned enough entitlement-driven, low-information, illiterate voters in our country for this to become the final epitaph for America too?

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