Egyptian Courts Sentence Christian Blogger to 3 Years in Prison for Sharing Infamous Anti-Islam YouTube Vid

(TheBlaze/AP) — A Cairo court on Wednesday convicted a Coptic Christian blogger who shared an anti-Islam film on social networking sites, sentencing him to three years in prison for blasphemy and contempt of religion.

The case of Alber Saber is one of several seen by rights advocates as a campaign led by Egypt’s ultraconservative Islamists to curb free expression. Many of those targeted in the campaign are Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 85 million.

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The Organized Union Mafia… (how the road of good intentions led to a socialist organized crime union)

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hey everyone! How about that Michigan union riot? From stomping down on hotdog carts, to punching out Steven Crowder… these guys have shown us their true colors and that they are no better then organized crime or those smelly hippies from the Occupy crowd. All the governor did was to sign a right-to-work law that takes away the unions’ absolute power and gives choice back to the people. In short, if you want to join a union you still can; but it’s not mandatory now and you can keep out if you want. It’s proven that all R.T.W. states have fewer unions, lower unemployment and more businesses that expand and hire a more productive workforce without the hindering of union rules that have favored laziness and way too many coffee breaks.


In the beginning, the idea of a labor union was well intentioned. There were many work environments in the early part of the last century that were hellholes, like the coal mines. Take for example the mining company store which would put the average miner in debt really fast. Or the many mine operators who didn’t know how to manage a mine or how to treat their hardest working assets and resources. That is why the unions were created — to check on the well being of the worker and to make sure working areas were as safe as the current technology allowed for. Which to be honest, wasn’t that great.


Early in the 20th century in Moscow, Idaho, the very first act of radical union terrorism occurred for the history books. A dedicated union man, who for some reason was angry at a mining company, stole a steam train full of nitro explosives and rammed the train into the mining company’s property destroying it.


Both Lenin and Stalin knew that impassioned people can be easily manipulated. So as early as the 1940s, Stalin had agents insert themselves into as many of the unions as possible. In fact, there was a document found and published in 1965 showing the planned goals of the Communist party for America. It also showed how to infiltrate the unions and manipulate them as one of their goals. This has been very effective. Look how many socialist rules and regulations the unions throw about everywhere they go and how many union leaders are fat cat socialists.


Jimmy Hoffa is a legend in the union mind and he was one of the most corrupt union leaders of the day. So much so that even the Mafia didn’t like him very much. Who knows… that’s an old story.


SEIU… I was part of this union at one time when I was working in Yosemite National Park for the tourist company that had a contract there. They had a small branch that handled both park service employees and amusement parks like Disneyland. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, as I was young and dumb. But as I learned the truth of unions through Rush Limbaugh and others, I realized I was being taken for a ride.

A hip guy from Chicago, an unemployed community organizer and an empty suit freshman Senator all combined to encompass kissing and hugging SEIU into national relevance and to spread their socialist message to all. Obama wanted to integrate SEIU into the American culture and work place. Well, it worked. The hip guy from Chicago got elected president of the United States and SEIU got permanent White House advisory status. The SEIU union leader at that time was interviewed many times and spouted off some of the most globalized Communist tripe I have ever heard. Well, we now know that labor unions in the Soviet union and the Third Reich had the same issues going for them. Kissing up and colluding with government to spread the propaganda around was par for the course.


Right now, labor unions are having trouble retaining members and recruiting new ones. More and more people realize that they were duped into basically joining a Communist organization with criminal intentions. Organizations that wanted to take their money and dump it into campaigns without their permission. The unions’ historical past and modern knack for violence when they lose or if someone disagrees with them is a factor in how people see them as well. They didn’t do themselves any favors this week. What a bunch of whining little wussy babies! I would tell them to man up, clean house and do better. But I know they’re not up to that challenge.