One thought on “Home Depot Co-Founder: ‘Raise My Taxes, Go Right Ahead’ – ‘You Get Nothing’ Out of it

  1. Dear T. Thanks for the piece on Home Depot. Ken Langone is imho, in the class that can hire all the lawyers and CPA’s to find and use the loopholes that have bankrupted our nation. Companies that keep their profits offshore to evade taxes is the issue as well, and we are engorged with individuals and companies that do in fact practice this very tactic. Your correct in what I perceive as your point. Not only will human nature drive individuals to find the best price of an expensive car or boat if even overseas to the detriment of our people. This is the issue that is being ignored by the such as Reid, Pelosi ad nauseum. Hope you have a very merry Christmas. P.S. Would love to have a picture of you and your family. I trust all is going well with your husbands job. Sorry I could not of been of more help. Eric Wesson.

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