Left Pushes Illegal Immigration “Reform” as Step to Permanent Democrat Control, Socialism

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The left, led by the US’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, is about to start a huge push, starting with organized labor, to grant amnesty and citizenship to more than 12,000,000 illegal immigrants. They hope to make enough noise to allow their long time ally President Obama to claim a public mandate for an illegal immigrant amnesty.

Unions, before they were taken over by DSA in 1995, were traditionally anti-illegal immigration. Why the change?

The reason is simple. Marxist led unions do not care about getting a better deal for their members. They care about achieving socialism. They understand that Latinos, which illegals mostly are, tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat. The Marxists also have huge influence in the Democrat Party and huge leverage over Democrat policy formation, through their lock-tight control of organized labor.

Therefore, giving illegals citizenship and voting rights could move America way to the left – forever.

Listen here to AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka, a longtime DSA supporter, put on his best fake sincerity “Judas goat” tone, to seduce union members into support their own destruction. This is almost barf bucket material, as this hard bitten union thug invokes patriotism and American values to sell his socialist “snake oil.”

Now watch an identified DSA member, SEIU VP Eliseo Medina, speaking at a 2009 progressive conference in Washington DC. Medina, the leading immigration activist in the country, reveals the real reason for his efforts… 8,000,000 more Democratic voters and a “progressive majority for the forseeable future.”

4 thoughts on “Left Pushes Illegal Immigration “Reform” as Step to Permanent Democrat Control, Socialism

  1. Politicians, who usually read the Liberal propaganda and rhetoric in the mainstream press and rural newspapers, would do better to absorb the public reader’s commentary and blogs. This would certainly have some impact on their voting, unless they have already been corrupted by the special interests that are in their faces in the Washington chambers of power. They would immediately know that ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is a dirty word and the majority of the American people are frustrated that legislators are putty in the hands of big business and all the other pro-illegal alien open border imbeciles. President Obama has stealthily divided the country and it’s worked with great effect. A silent invasion has been taking place for decades and the rot in Congress has been negatively impressive. With 24 million of the U.S. population out-of-work, the morons have a deaf ear to legislators as Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, who has done everything in his power to slow any bills from being read. Standing alone are two bills that could halt the encouragement of illegal aliens into this country. Both bills are extremely powerful in their effect to reduce illegal aliens in the workplace? Exhibit (1) is the LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT (H.R.2885) that uses mandatory E-Verify to identify foreign nationals, replacing them with citizens and legal entries. This updated technological computer program is able to red-flag workers who have no right to any jobs. Audits of businesses after the installation of mandatory E-Verify would be prosecuted and the principle owners and executives would prosecute, fined and even confined.

    Exhibit (2) THE BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL (H.R. 140) would forever end the citizenship of unborn babies smuggled into America, to collect on public assistance benefits; a free education to k-12, free health care, low income housing. Wholly for the descendants of slaves after the Civil War to inherit citizenship, it has been manipulated to any baby delivered in any hospital once across our insecure border, or women who arrives here by international jet. Once here under this cleverly engineered law the woman gets free natal care, plus cash payments for every child she conceives. This law must only be reserved for pregnant mothers who at least parent is already a citizen of the United States, claiming citizenship for their child. We should understand that illegal aliens use this defect in our laws, to remain in this country. So the more children, the more entitlements, that is costing the U.S. taxpayer well over hundred billion dollars annually, and unlikely to grind to a halt unless H.R. 140 finds passage in the House and Senate. Another ominous situation that is the outcome of the baby automatic citizenship 14th amendment declaration, is that proliferates CHAIN MIGRATION FOOTHOLDS of family members and eventually such unconventional Presidential privileges as the Dream Act controversy. Further to this the Internal Revenue Service has remained silent and seems uninterested in the 7 Billion dollar in child tax credits literary stolen through fraud by non-citizens and even the effrontery to send tax refunds outside the country to the quasi children?


    After the requirement of The Legal Workforce bill and the Birthright citizenship bill, then the majority of spineless lawmakers can then approve a well regulated Guest Worker program for agriculture, with the caveat that when a contract expires the worker must leave the country. As an addition a more furtive effort to recruit professional workers under the (STEM) policy of highly attained skills. But outside of these jobs no more kowtowing to the 20 million plus illegal aliens who must leave or be deported. Our nation is broke and the honest, inspected and immigrants and citizens must have the priority of all wilting welfare assistance.


    America’s President” is tightening his deadly grip on America’s throat and a catastrophic coup is coming. Obama has yet to be sworn in and already he is preparing his minions for gun grabbing and passing immigration laws bypassing Congress. Now that Obama has been reelected he is emboldened to act beyond the constraints of the U.S. Constitution, converting our free-enterprise republic into a Soviet Socialist State of government control.

  2. The left make a number of errors about Hispanic immigration, yes in the short run they will have their votes but the people they are inviting into this nation are natural conservatives and they are predominantly catholic. As they make their way they will soon see the impediments of the left with respect to wealth. These are largely hard working folk and won’t take kindly to confiscatory taxation.

    You have to wonder why the left always plump for tax increases, if there is one thing that will do them no favors and it is tax raises on the poor or the rich for that matter.

    The cynical exploitation of the Hispanics and Mexicans in particular, won’t work in the long run, these are escapees from a nation currently in severe decline and it won’t be easy to fool them with political tripe that emulates and foretells the social collapse south of the border for us north of it. The motive for illegal immigration is for a better life and included in that is the rule of law. Hernado De Soto make it clear what is at fault in most countries on this earth is that there are few legal protections for basic rights under the law. The protection of the law is persuasive for these people far more than many realize. Even if you are illegal you have some rights often far more than in your country of origin, this should not be overlooked. The left do not respect human rights when they get in the way of their political ambitions.

    It is just plain daft for the left to assume that the shenanigans they get up to to flood the nation with potential democratic voters is going to work. They are seriously deluded if they believe that. Socialists have a pedigree of economic failure of over 100 years as well as a reputation for lethality in their disregard for human rights. The idea they can plonk millions of Mexicans down into this nation and just expect slavish voting behavour is absurd. It is a harebrained scheme that the law of unintended consequences will bite them for. Those who take the risk of illegality and desperation to come here are not so easy to dragoon as Republicans might think. How defeatist of them by the way!

    So what is to be done? Lenin might have asked; petty aristocrat that he was. The answer is so simple, just start talking to these people they are not monsters. You might not like the immigration push by the left but you can counter respond to it and take a lead in developing integrative policies to circumvent the leftist agenda. It is a form of social jujitsu to use their intent against them. The left don’t give a fig about real people it is all about the theory of revolution and social engineering and other frankly snobbish intellectual nonsense no wonder they don’t understand wealth creation or anything really useful that will benefit people. These supposedly political adepts have an appalling record and the astounding thing is they are still at it. The definition of insanity or inanity is to repeat the same thing again and again and be surprised that the results are the same. Socialists never get this, they are like dogs chasing cars when they catch up with the car they only then realize it isn’t a menu item. The problem is, like dogs, socialists keep repeating their schemes expecting success and just don’t get it when the same old same old keeps on happening. The dogs can be forgiven for what they do they are dogs after all. What say we about the socialists?

    Pushing of immigration reform by the progressives is a wonderful opportunity to insert an immunization process politically into the mix by the opposition to the left. The creation of wealth and how to do it is a topic the left just don’t comprehend as a whole; here is where you can insert your political wedge to derail future democratic voter assumptions. Don’t just assume the left can keep these people corralled, they can’t. The carrot of how to further your wealth and other such ideas should be looked at now in anticipation of the democratic party attempting yet another amnesty. Choose to exploit their intent and turn it back on them and perhaps they might stop doing it. Though I doubt this as they have little propensity to reason or understand evidence it is all about the ditzy theories they still pollute their minds with.

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