Did Michelle Obama go for the Militant Jane Fonda Look?

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

The resemblance struck me over and over again this very long weekend. I don’t want to take much time for it, so I won’t, but I’ll share my impression of a resemblance between two… pretty ladies at… special times in their lives.

Michelle Obama on inauguration weekend 2013, a special time:


Obama swear-in, Sunday 1-20-2013, Getty photo

Iconic, or just ironic? Jane Fonda, circa November 1970, at a special time which happened to be about the time she starred in the movie, Klute and when she was collaborating with Vietnamese communists.


mug-shot from nndb.com



And then, here is the video that is making the rounds:

From, “John Boehner has ‘no clue’ what he said that set off Michelle Obama” in Yahoo

And as long as I’ve gone that far, it might be helpful to note tips for us all, at public banquets:

  1. Don’t make impudent 12-year old faces at your table-mates.
  2. Elbows off the table.
  3. Don’t go for the nose, at least not with fingertips.

Personally, I may tend to think of things like this resemblance with hairstyle, stemming from the symbolism of the anarcho-communist black and red on the diagonal that the Obama family featured at Grant Park, on election night 2008, shown here and elsewhere.

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Edit: “This just in,” thank you Ellen.


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