Walk for Life vs. Murderous Progressives

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Or should I say… return of the minority hippies versus conservatives. Both are true.

Zombie is back baby… in the streets of San Francisco during the co-celebrations of Roe vs. Wade and the Walk for life. 1000 leftist freaks paraded their dubious wares, as opposed to 50,000 walking for life in protest against abortion. Yes, it was that lopsided and there may be hope for the City by the Bay yet.

It’s the Godless Progressives:

Vs the vast majority of America:

And this was just one city. My heart soars seeing this. It tells me that most Americans believe in life and God and goodness. Make sure you go see all the pics by Zombie. It’s a must see. I’ll leave you with one video from the gatherings – just one of many scenes that played out during the events.

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