Pimping Patriotism for Progressivism

Before you cheer these two adds, watch them carefully. The Progressives are brilliantly using the things we hold dear: God, the military and hard work to woo us into their camp. This is nothing more than pimping Progressivism.

Oprah paints a picture of our military heroes coming home. I too, want to see them come home, but for vastly different reasons. She is cheering Obama ending the war. I decry him for tucking tail and running. Letting our boys and girls die in vain and giving victory to his buds, the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, and Jeep is a sellout to foreigners.

The Dodge ad is no better. They shamelessly use Paul Harvey who was a true conservative and who has gone on to heaven. He never would have allowed this. It deceptively shows how hard working Americans support a Marxist government controlled company. Just reprehensible.

This is Progressive Marxist propaganda that does Goebbels proud.

2 thoughts on “Pimping Patriotism for Progressivism

  1. has anyone asked Mr. Harvey IF he actually endorses dodge pickup trucks – seems like an inherent unapproved endorsement

    just plain wrong

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