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Press Release
Feb. 12, 2013

Contact: Dr. Shawn Greener
Phone: 302-593-1679
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Excellence Killed the Church: How Mediocrity is Destroying America

Middletown, DE — In his new book “Excellence Killed the Church: How Mediocrity is Destroying America“, Dr. Shawn M. Greener takes a hard look at how the constant undeserved reward of mediocrity is taking a severe toll on our churches, our businesses, our schools and the American way of life.

Dr. Greener’s research suggests that our love affair with multiculturalism, progressivism, and entitlement has weakened the foundations of America nearly to the point of collapse. Among other institutions, Dr. Greener takes on Public Education and how “dumbed down” education is contributing to mediocrity in all other aspects of our culture. As a result business, labor, education and religious institutions have fallen behind in productivity and influence here and abroad.

Dr. Greener then sets his focus on answers, saying, “This is not an ‘everyone gets a trophy, feel good about me’ book. This is the real deal, our authentic condition, and my assessment as to why we are here and what to do. I am hoping (the readers) become angry and fed up enough to do something, anything to help stop the bleeding in this country!”

Praise for “Excellence Killed the Church: How Mediocrity is Destroying America”

“Every major institution in our lives appears in decline. Personal responsibility and self- government are rare, the family unit is under attack, our churches, businesses and even our money are being devalued. Dr. Greener’s book provides unique insights and begins to illuminate paths back to sanity.” Jerry Summers, Board Chairman for Community Hope of Delaware, Inc.

Excellence reveals how every organization from small businesses to public education, large or small churches, Fortune 500 companies to the federal government is subject to a kind of ‘mass hypnosis’ This book has challenged me to get up and do a little bit more”; Bud Meadows, Trinity Baptist Church of Ocala, FL

Dr. Shawn M. Greener holds a Doctorate in Theology from Masters International School of Divinity. As an acclaimed speaker, life coach an author Dr. Greener has advised churches, celebrities and dignitaries in their quest to achieve true excellence in a purpose filled life. Contact Dr. Shawn Greener at [email protected] or call 302-593-1679.

More About Dr. Shawn Greener: The unthinkable happened on April 12, 2012, at 6:18 pm on Route 896 in Middletown, Delaware.

A 19-year-old high school senior, who had just received a ticket for speeding and reckless driving 10 minutes before, crossed the concrete median and several lanes of traffic to strike Dr. Greener’s vehicle head on. The young man was traveling at 92 mph.

Law enforcement said Dr. Greener survived the un-survivable crash. The force of the impact shoved the Suburban’s front tires behind the driver’s seat. Dr. Greener was trapped in a small pocket in the wreckage for 39 minutes. The impact was so great that his fingernails literally blew off his fingers.

Later he found out friends of his had driven past the crash and prayed for whoever died in the mangled wreckage. No one approached his vehicle because they were sure whoever was in there was dead.

Dr. Greener continues rehabilitation and can now eat and walk on his own. His passion for writing and speaking is as strong as ever, with an even greater determination to motivate people away from mediocrity and into productive, foundational living. Dr. Greener wrote Excellence Killed the Church: How Mediocrity is Destroying America, “Because I love my country and my family.”

Dr. Greener owns and operates the elite life-coaching firm Ask Dr Shawn and is a Military Veteran and former law enforcement officer and Agent In Charge of Executive Protection Team. Dr. Shawn speaks all across the country on a variety of topics such as his dynamic seminar “God IN Country” Personal and Executive Security and Preparedness and other dynamic marital relationship and personal and executive improvement topics.

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