One thought on “Dem. Sen. Claims U.S. Doesn’t Have a Spending Problem, It Has a ‘Misallocation of Wealth’ Problem

  1. A few points:

    1) I am not a 1%’er but do not want our wealthy punished. But, ya know, it’s weird : why do I feel the need to put in that disclaimor in the first place? Kind of like “I’m not a racist, but I wish to offer an opinion on immigration reform” – the left have made being wealthy synonymous with being dishonest or dirty.

    2) My “wealth” is MINE. It, be it money, items, property, or [whatever] is the product of my labor. Be it the sweat of my brow or the callous on my a$$ the point being I am NOT A SLAVE. What is mine, is mine. Due to the gov’t controlling the currency they seem to MISUNDERSTAND that since all U.S. currency is technically the gov’t’s that my weath is somehow owned by them.

    3) The real problem, one they deflect from talking about, is that too many politicians promised too many people too much and then SPENT the money that was supposed to be saved.

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