2 thoughts on “Michigan mother of 4 shoots and wounds armed intruder; handcuffs him until the police arrive

  1. Whose home did the police find all those other weapons in? The woman who defended herself and her children? Were any of the guns illegal? How did the police find them, were they just laying around out in the open, or did they search her home even though she was the one who’s house was broken into?

    Why is a point made of saying how “bad” GUNS are when the story is actually about how a gun in the hands of a GOOD person stopped a bad person from using a gun?

    To the folks at WLNS: Spare your viewers your personal facist agenda and do your job ~ just REPORT the news and stop MAKING the news!

  2. News media distorts, twists and otherwise goes out of its way to make law abiding citizens who protect themselves as the bad guy. I’m so tired of the Leftists who continue to repeat over and over the phrase “gun violence.” Really, guns are violent? I’ve never seen a gun rise up, take aim and pull its own trigger, so how could a gun possibly in anyones reality commit an act of violence?”

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