ICLA Now Working With Pakistan Based World Vision In Progress


ICLA is now working with Pakistan based World Vision In Progress (WVIP) that works tirelessly for Pakistan’s Christian minority. WVIP explains its work on its news website as follows:

“WVIP news is a project of World Vision in Progress a ground NGO working for the rights of Christians in Pakistan. It has been observed that every year 150 Million Christians endure from Persecution around the world. Almost every day Christians were persecuted in Islamic world due their faith in Christ, and local media hardly cover the reports.

World Vision in Progress is Pakistani based NGO, working against the social and religious Discrimination of Christians in Pakistan. Blasphemy Laws, forcible conversion, rape and Abduction are the level of Persecution in Pakistan.

Christian persecution in Islamic world is a modern Holocaust and WVIP felt its obligation to share and reports to international world through the Web-media, so together we all can lift our voices for our brothers and sisters.”

The work of WVIP is crucial and deserves widespread international support and recognition for its important work. We would like all our readers and supporters to publicize its work. The organisations news site can be found at: http://www.wvipnews.com

WVIP is not just an Internet based organisation but is is engaged in important human rights work on the ground in Pakistan. ICLA feels proud and privileged to be associated with World Vision In Progress.

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