The Current Face Islamization and Jihad in India By: Achintya Sundar Das and Zemira Eli Natan


The following is from our friends at International Unity For Equality:

The Current Face Islamization and Jihad in India By: Achintya Sundar Das and Zemira Eli Natan

The International Community is put on notice to recognize the following facts and issues that are effecting India currently and also the points in history that have led to the current situation in India and Pakistan. We are relating the Hindu experience versus the Historical and ongoing demand of Muslims to date. In 1923-1924 what was known as British India Muslims had no leadership and had a population of about 17- 20%. At this point in history Muslims in India started a movement to create a Muslim nation separate from India. The early 20’s witnessed the emergence of Muslim Nationalism. Under the Muslim leadership of that time the concept of Pakistan was born as a proposed state for Indian Muslims. Pakistan was formed on the basis thatIndia was not meeting the needs of Indian Muslims. The peak level of the popularity of this movement occurred between 1945-1946. The region known as undivided Bengal is now two thirds of what we now know of as Bangladesh, a Muslim territory currently and one third is now West Bengal. The important thing to understand is that Muslims took this land and occupied it. They also took the entire area of Sindh which is located in Pakistan. The Northwest Frontier Province was occupied by Pakistan and also Pakistan occupied Kashmir. During the partition, there was a Muslim majority in these states which became the Pakistan movement As we all know, Pakistan (what was known as West Pakistan before the creation of Bangladesh) resides in extreme western part of India. And Bangladesh (what was known as East Pakistan before its liberation from the Pakistani occupier) is situated in the extreme east, so there is no road in between India and Pakistan. It was a very painful situation for Pakistan to handle both of the two territories. Pakistan (West Pakistan) used to send their troops by plane or via ship to Bangladesh (East Pakistan). Also, families of both of the two territories of Pakistan used to have relatives in these two areas. They were facing big problems in order to reach and communicate easily. After the creation of Pakistan, within some months Muslim leaders started demanding a corridor or road between the two territories through Indian soil. India opposed that demand strongly and openly said we will never give you any corridor joining these two territories. Pakistan initiated a plan and programme in the mind of remaining Indian Muslims those started living in India after the formation of Pakistan that increased the population in the areas such as West Bengal, Assam, Northeast, Uttar Pradesh touching the border area of Nepal, Bhutan and joined it with Kashmir in order to force the granting of our demand. That old demand is now a bitter truth in India. The way they are increasing the Muslim population currently is the same way they will do it within 30 years.

1) Terrorist Attacks and Riots in every part of India.

2) Love Jihad

3) Expulsion of Hindus from Muslim ghettos and Forced Conversion.

4) Muslims doesn’t respect the law of the country, though the Indian government openly says we share equality under the law and the principle of we two ours two. We two ours two is a term that means every couple should take maximum of two children. Where an average Muslim couple has minimum 6-7 children, sometimes you will see 15 children of one Muslim couple. So that means Muslims do not follow family planning in a way that they can support their families.

5) India is secular country and the government encourages that a person should marry only woman, but Muslims do not practice this. Instead, they practice Sharia. The Indian government has given up just to avoid civil war and loss of lives and property of non muslims. The Indian government supports this very wrong political move.

6) Muslims of India are destroying Hindu shrines, temples in every part of this country.

7) The mainstream media is useless since they claim that if we show the truth about the current violence that is occurring in India that Muslims will start rioting, so it’s simply better to appease Muslims and avoid the interests of non Muslims.

8) Muslims of India have never followed modern education and they will never follow it.

9) Muslims practices SHARIAH and MADRASAH EDUCTAION, and it is becoming a threat now. Already in India Muslims made demands for a compulsory education in all government institutions and some secular government educational institutions already started its operation India.

10) India is a secular country so there should not be any use of religion to control the policy of the country. But in many states like West Bengal , the Andhra Pradesh government started offering jobs to Muslims on reservation and quota basis avoiding other true minority communities like Parsis, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Sri Lankan Tamils, and Bangladeshi refugees. Many are considered they less important minorities for acknowledgement by the government.

11) The demand of Muslims are already met everywhere and all political parties ofIndia are now a puppet of Muslim Militants. Now the government of India wants communal harmony of Muslims and non Muslims at any cost by sacrificing non Muslim interests and only offering for Muslim interests. It is just like a nightmare in a secular democratic structure, though officially India is known as a secular country but the reality is that it is not.

12) Infiltration of foreigners like Pakistanis and Bangladeshis through Indo-Bangladesh and Indo-Pak border is happening in full swing and they are converting the border districts of India into a Muslim majority.

13) DGFI, ISI, AL QAEDA and Communists have a lobby to dismantle India.

14) Muslims offer Azaan in the streets of many big cities and block the road by just breaking the traffic rules of this country. Police just does the opposite thing without arresting them. They provide them security and harass the non Muslims if they ask about it.

15) The Congress Government created a communal violence bill which is just a communal bill The bill says if there is any riot found in India then Hindus will be accountable for it. As they form majority in this country so it is their duty to maintain peace and integrity. But unfortunately we know who is actually accountable for violating human rights and peace in this country.

16) After the creation of India, Pakistan always tried to dismantle this country by promoting terror with their hundreds of organizations like LET, JAIS E MUHHAMAD, AL QAEADA PAKISTAN UNIT

HUJI AND INDIAN Mujahedeen are also working in Bangladesh and India for the same cause

17) Muslims of India get study loans with a lower interest rates, and they get discount of flight fare when thy go to attend the Hajj in Saudi Arabia with the hardly paid tax dollars of Hindus and others in India.

Muslims live on the welfare of India State’s money but they don’t abide by the law of this country.

18) A silent form of job jihad, media jihad, food jihad and clinical jihad is going on inIndia most of the people are not aware about this in India.

19) Indian government is highly careful to protect radical people like Asauddin Oaisi and Akbaruddin Oaisi , Zakir Naik, Moulana Madani and many people who propagate hatred, hate speech, and the end of secularism in India whereas the government refuses to provide security and visas to people like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen. It clearly proves that India is a Pseudo secular state

20) Organizations like Simi( Student Islamic movement India) , MIM, ALL INDIA MINORITY FORUM , MUSLIM LEAGUE ARE RISING EVERYWHERE with more radical demands in India.

21) Already some states are having civil war in India in the absence of mainstream media for high Muslim populations like West Bengal, Assam, UP, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and in thousands of Muslim ghettos sharing the same problem especially the big cities.

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Equality

Achintya Sundar Das
Administrative Director
International Unity for Equality

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