One thought on “Lindsey Graham torches Obama, Republicans: Fire The Politicians, Keep The Soldiers

  1. Lindsey Graham is guilty of treason. His so called military, now under NATO, has been supporting enemies of the US for years thanks to this traitor.

    He’s the one that makes me sick to my stomach. He’s the one that let our soldiers down, spent their military retirements and now call them Terrorists through DHS He’s the one that wants to kill their second amendment rights to defend their families while sending arms to Al Qaeda and Mexican Terrorists. He’s the one that is disallowing them to own a gun under a fake psyche exam.

    There are 57 countries in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation who have declared war on the United States of America. They mandate that every citizen in their country war on American Citizens. Graham supports all of the OIC members with their constant Geneva Convention Violations, and their constant Human Rights Violations. Graham is a Traitor to the US and is using US Soldiers as his pawns in this treason.

    Graham is responsible for killing over 1 million Iraqi Civilians and there were no nukes, even after Iraq joined OIC and declared war on Americans. This caused 50,000 American Soldiers to lose their lives, or be wounded or disabled in the middle east.

    Graham is responsible for killing 30,000 Libyan Civilians and supporting 2,000 Al Qaeda on the ground to help slaughter these people. The Toy Soldier Dictator in Libya joined the OIC before Graham’s bombing was done.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating 5 US citizens with drones without a trial, without arrest, without a judge and without a jury. Graham calls them a terrorist and assassinates every one he wants.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating over 4,700 not combatants with drones against the Geneva Convention.

    Graham is responsible for assassinating over 3,000 Pakistani non combatants in Pakistan against the Geneva Convention.

    Graham is responsible for using US Troops, against the Geneva Convention, to overthrow the independent sovereign countries of Iraq (no nukes), Afghanistan (saudis flew the jets), Libya (144 tons of gold given to al qaeda), Egypt (gave f16′s after they joined OIC), Kenya (obama’s homeland), Tunisia, Yemen, Mali and soon Syria and Iran.

    Graham’s so called Defensive Military Spending is Treason by supporting only OIC members against Americans and funding terrorism all over the world. Graham is the cause of terrorism in this country, not the cure.

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