Speech Video: Michelle Bachmann’s Love & Obamunist Media’s Spite, CPAC 2013

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound


There were a number of relatively excellent, high-impact speeches at last week’s CPAC event. Gulag Bound has re-published those of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. Before them, the crowd was right to be fixated at others messages, including those of Rand Paul and Ben Carson.

Personally though, of all the speeches, this is the one I most wanted to hear a second time. and as Accuracy in Media’s Roger Aronoff examines it, this was the one that may have stung the NWObamunists and their media the most.

They came after Michele Bachmann like baying hounds when its thirteen or so minutes were through. Even Bill O’Reilly got into the chase. You may read about that in Media Expose Their Own Standards While Targeting Bachmann. But before you do, I suggest sitting back and absorbing the full message, down to the very last, very important words.

The slider may be moved to the 58:25 mark, to catch the introduction and speech:




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