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WHAT IS EASY AND WHAT IS RIGHT was written by Benjamin Smith, former US Navy SEAL, who recently appeared on the Wilkow show on THE BLAZE TV.

We are not perfect by any means, but look at the current world situation. We are engaged with ourselves in a fit of deciding if we are simplistic base beings of an animalistic nature or a people of morals and standards capable of being the good and kind to each other with mutual respect and reliance on a core set of rules that we all can follow.

The price, Vigilance.

It all boils down to the choice of what is EASY or what is RIGHT.

Socialism, Islam, Evil, the wrong way (or more simply Right vs Wrong and Good vs Evil) are the “Easy” here. Very humanistic, animalistic, primitive, impulsive, ignorant, intolerant and unforgiving – all traits that we see in our culture these days. This is not to say that all people in these ways of thinking are all bad, they are just misguided and will go to the simple humanistic impulse of forcing someone to do or believe something and kill them or enslave them if they don’t comply. Look at your child as a toddler, very base, very ‘today’s culture’, a bunch of toddlers.

YES there is just plain ole’ BAD people out there as well, they are just leading the masses at this time. As humans, in our nature we are VERY capable of this. These mindsets are the choice of WHAT IS EASY as opposed to the thought of taking a moment and giving effort to WHAT IS RIGHT!

If you don’t pay attention to what you are doing you can be down the road of Easy before you realize it. That’s because it is easy. This is what Reagan was talking about when he said that we have to teach America to the young, it is not passed down through the blood.

SOCIALISM VS AMERICANISM – Due to current status of our country and the analysis of its function and habits, it can be said that we have lost the cold war and the Communists have achieved their long stated objective. Would you consider the actions of our governance more socialist than capitalist?

“We will take you from within. We will take you without a shot being fired” – Khrushchev.

In chess, “check mate” means that you have taken the opponent’s king and that your strategy has beaten your opponent’s strategy. When the king is taken in chess, the game is over. Not in this scenario. We are all still here and life must go on. We are the pawns that are still left on the board and now susceptible to the whims of the kings that have knocked ours over.

We have the task as Americans (old school republicans and democrats TOGETHER) to reset the board for the next round, if we can. We are and always have been pawns in a version of “human history chess”. Right now we have lost a couple rounds of this “chess” and we need to turn around the ebb and flow of a baser way of thinking that is easy for a debased human thought process.

Do you still think we won the cold war?


Yes, the Crusades.

Look at multiculturalism in Europe and the Islamic rise to power now across Africa and the middle east. Before America was founded, doesn’t this look like the World map if Islam wasn’t beaten back to were they came during the crusade? The Crusades started because they almost had the complete known world under Sharia and the Caliphate only a couple hundred years of its existence. Like now, our (non-muslim) corruption and sloth are what they are using to crush and conquer our way of “thought”.

We had to turn back the Tide of Islam and its process of Dawah (LOOK IT UP)…. What do they want to do to us and how bad do they want to do it? Does it look like the “easy” choice or the one that has been considered?

We were born into an ideological battle that has been raging long before we were ever born and even millennia before our country was fought for. We can call it Good vs Evil or as simple as Right vs Wrong. If you stop for a second , “good” is not doing well in this world at the moment and in history, it goes back and forth between the two.

THINK about WHAT needs to be done to SAVE us then just simply START DOING SOMETHING….. ANYTHING! Because what we are doing now is obviously not working. Wake up your friends and family or wife or kids, please.

Reposting this because the points in this are important. This is something that can help in figuring out socialist, communist and Sharia thought and basic human frailty of “ease” and even the tendencies that WE all have in us because this is all part of our natural cyclic nature. We are at war with our humanistic selves through impulse and desire.

Help yourself straight so you can help your COUNTRYMEN and in doing so, THE WORLD.

Watch this video, in which former Navy Seal and Director of Strategic Affairs 912 PAC Benjamin Smith joins Andrew Wilkow to talk about Frederic Bastiat’s influence on today’s society and how Bastiat shaped a Navy Seal’s beliefs.

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