Happy Ressurection Day

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The Black Robe Regiment

Easter Greetings From The Black Robe Regiment


The wondrous majesty of Easter is once again upon us. As we recount the Passion and the supreme sacrifice that our Lord and King offered humanity let us remember that this is a time to exult in the divine blessings of our Lord and glorify Him for the priceless gift He conferred to us on that first Easter morning by the Resurrection of His Only-Begotten Son, our Savior

This most precious gift, the supreme of all divine miracles, the victory of victories, set a new path for humanity, awakening our spirits and replenishing our souls with new strength, new joy, new hope, and new life. The Resurrection opened a new door, giving meaning and direction to an otherwise empty and mortal life; it is the passage into God’s presence. “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved.” (John 10:9)

It is this resurrection that Christians celebrate every Easter, and it’s this resurrection that gives Christians everywhere the assurance of their faith and validates the promises of eternity with God. (John 3:16; Romans 3:22-26)

The Apostle Paul’s first letter to the Church of Corinth speaks to the fallen church and corrupt nature of man and outlines the proper conduct for following Christ and of the absolute necessity of Christ’s resurrection. It is as if he could be speaking to us this very day. This is a call to repentance and one we must open our ears and hearts to and head today.

It is this call to repentance and prayers for revival that we will focus our attention on over the coming months in an effort of national healing.

From the inception of the Black Robe Regiment it was our desire to create something of meaning and relevance, and to create a place where concerned Christians and faith leaders can come together and grow and learn and apply their faith in our everyday secular lives. It was our hope that this would resonate with the people and would grow organically. As such we have not tried to steer the organization towards any specific ends but simply tried to put information out there and unite people in common cause. With the Salt and Light Institute we wanted to provide educational opportunities for all on a myriad of topics. Although the Salt and Light Institute was initially well received and growing, the loss of our venue and lack of funding to secure another more permanent location had stalled out plans up to now.

We are however making plans for a renewal of efforts and developing some exciting new initiatives in which we would like to ask for your support and blessings.

We will begin looking for a suitable venue in which to reestablish the Salt and Light Institute and revitalize our initial plans of offering trainings, seminars and courses on a continual basis from this new facility. We will also begin looking at regional course offerings that we can create and offer to host churches and organizations around the country. We are blessed to have a number of nationally known historians, scholars, and instructors who have expressed interest in joining with us in this endeavor. Over the coming months be on the lookout for future announcements of offerings from the Salt and Light Institute.

Secondly, we have partnered with One Nation Under God Radio and are developing a series of national revival conferences to be held throughout the US in 2013 and beyond. This series will be called The Great Awakening IV. The inaugural conference is to be held in Plymouth MA June 20th – 22nd. We would like to invite all of you to join with us for this time of renewal, revival, and national healing. Please visit www.greatawakeningiv.org for registration and complete conference details.

So as you can see we are embarking on a new course with renewed attention and focus on reaching out to people directly and providing opportunities for you to get involved within your locality. We humbly ask for your support, your prayers, and your blessings.

Tax deductible donations can be made to the Salt and Light Institute HERE.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to invite us to speak to your group or to host a Salt and Light seminar or Great Awakening IV event.

Thank you in advance for your support and blessings. We hope that you and family will be blessed as we remember and celebrate Gods greatest gift and the sacrifice on the cross of a Savior who loved us so much. Let us be inspired by this life-bearing message and promise of the Resurrection, let us join the angels of the Lord in triumphantly proclaiming, Christ is Risen from the dead. He has conquered death so that we might have eternal life.

In Him,

The Black Robe Regiment Team

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