3 thoughts on “Biden: The ‘affirmative task’ before us is to ‘create a new world order’

  1. Wow, more Commie Speak from VP Bite Me. New World Order, Level Playing field, Inject Demand, let me try and decode this BS for you.

    New World Order=One World Communist Rule
    Level the playing field=Government picks winners and losers, not the marketplace.
    Inject Demand=Kill the American economy and grow the number of people demanding Government assistance, i.e. Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicine, Housing.

  2. Let me decode this one step further, we need to rid ourselves of him and his ilk, asap.
    We have been listening to this rhetoric for way too long, and ignoring this much longer will not make this go away anytime soon. destroying this country,may be in the interest of some, but not for us majority that know better.

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