One thought on “Police, ‘anti-gun’ prosecutor clash with soldiers in area around Fort Hood

  1. Gotta love the part where he asked the cop “A person with a gun is dangerous?” and the cop answers in the affirmative.

    An interesting thought exercise based on my lifelong friendship with not just a few cops – you know what period of their life they all dread? One that, when asked, you can SEE in their eyes when you ask about it … always brings a pause and a look of “wow, yea, no thanks”.

    Retirement. In other words, going back to being a civillian when you’ve seen how an average citizen can be treated by an unscrupulous cop or ADA.

    Please understand – I’m not knocking cops. They are no less heroes than our troops (I am a Soldier, btw) – but, like many other gov’t institutions, many departments (and their political masters) have legislated themselves into a self-policed lack of accountability that invites arrogance and corruption.

    Hope I have added to the discussion.


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