Video & Photos of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Updates below the fold

By: Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D.
The Jawa Report

The FBI has released a video of the main suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

The FBI is asking for any information the public might have as to the identity or whereabouts of the suspect.

Here is the video:

Developing, expect updates.

UPDATE: White cap is the one suspected of planting a device, but both are suspected of working together. The FBI has posted 11 images from the surveillance video. I grabbed them before their website melted down and have posted them below.

White Cap

Black Cap

On a totally unrelated note: Did you notice that Infowars had a mic at the press conference? Who was the idiot who gave them press credentials? (HT:@intelwire)

Nine other images of the two suspects below. UPDATE: Please do not hotlink the images (unless you are on an or .minx server). Feel free to grab the images, but if you’re going to republish them please re-upload them to your own server. Thanks.

Images and more still below with more updates.

“White Cap” Images [Update Matt Damon: Mens Polo Ralph Lauren Big Pony Sports Cap?]

White Cap

“Black Cap” Images [Update Matt Damon: Bridgestone Golf cap?]

Update by SH: Unconfirmed: US seeks information from Pakistan on list of names.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency has received two lists of names from U.S. officials seeking information believed to be related to the Boston Marathon bombings, sources in Pakistan have told Fox News.

The names on the lists have not been disclosed but include both Pakistani citizens and dual U.S.-Pakistani nationals, the sources told Fox News. U.S. officials want to know if any of those named had links to militant or religious extremist groups in Pakistan, the sources said [More]

Again, this has not been confirmed.

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