Priority Conservation Area (PCA) Meeting, Oakland, Ca, 5/23/2013

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Hat Tip: Heather Gass

The One Bay Area PCA meeting was filmed. If you have been in the fight against regionalism you should watch this video. The One Bay Area plan has two components; PDAs (Priority Development Areas) and PCAs (Priority Conservation Areas). The PDAs are the areas within the existing Urban Growth Boundaries where they will be building Stack and Pack housing. All other areas will be targeted for conservation! The PCAs are the first areas that will be targeted. This meeting was filled with stakeholders, public agencies planners, land trusts, etc. All waiting to make deals. MTC will be working with the SCC (State Coastal Conservancy) to dole out $10million of our Tax Payer Transportation funds to UNelected UNaccountable groups (like Greenbelt Alliance, Sierra Club) etc. These agencies will then go target private property owners into signing conservation easements. The easement holders will be in control of the land. Not the land owner. The beneficiary of the carbon credit windfall will be the easement holder (land trusts). These easements will have completely different management plans depending on who holds the easement. The end goal is to form the California Essential Habitat Corridor System, which will create a wildlife corridor system throughout Ca. CalTrans and DOT are the fed and state agencies that are also involved. The ONLY way MTC is getting away with spending transportation funds on conservation instead of highways is because they are going to find “Conservation” projects that need some type of transportation related infrastructure and then they can divert funds to these projects. This is NOTHING about conservation. This is about diverting funds from roads to pet projects with special interest groups.

The Williamson Act is being phased out so that conservation easements and multi-level unaccountable bureaucracies can take over land rights.

Watch a small group of citizens ask the tough questions!

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