Looking for my DD-214

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By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

It’s Memorial Day, a chance to express our gratitude for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of liberty. If you happen to drive past a national cemetery you might see an American Flag stationed at each and every burial plot; hopefully this tradition has been passed along to honor those who died as a result of military service.

Some folks confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day; but let’s not split hairs, both are designed to give everyone a chance to say thank you to those who have served. Some folks get their shorts twisted in knots over this; kind of like getting upset over Daylight Savings time costing them an hour in the fall and forgetting they get it back in spring.

While going through Facebook yesterday I noticed an offer from the Old Faithful Holster company, a chance for Veterans and Military folks to get a very nice concealed handgun holster at half the regular price. I’d been holding off buying one; the nicer holsters are more expensive so half price caught my attention.

I read through the requirements and figured I’d send a copy of my DD-214 as proof of service; and that would have been fine except I couldn’t find that form in any of our important paper folders. I went through lots of file folders; cars we haven’t owned in years, houses we’ve sold long ago, insurance forms, warranty folders for every washer, dryer, refrigerator, mixer, drill and saw we’ve ever owned; but no DD-214 form.

There were files folders for log cabin designs we thought we might build on that piece of property in Colorado, the property we sold several years ago. I found folders with IRS returns going back years and years; wonder if we’ve been targeted for being conservatives with Tea Party leanings? There were folders for health issues with our children’s names for injuries or illnesses they had twenty years ago; but still no DD-214.

I was beginning to think the form might have been lost; but I knew I’d seen it somewhere, just couldn’t put my finger on where. The DD-214 is proof that you served in the military; you need it when you apply for a job so your employer knows that particular obligation has been met.

That’s an odd thought; the idea individuals are somehow obligated to have served in the military. I guess I’m showing my age.

You’ll never guess where I eventually found my DD-214; stuck inside with a bunch of important family related stuff in my genealogy stack. I found my grandfather’s Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate. There in the middle of the stack were several Army forms all stapled together; my certificate showing I completed AIT training as a Military Policeman from Fort Gorden, Georgia was on top. Sure enough, a couple of pages down was my DD-214; I could prove I’d been there, ahhhh…

So a while ago I got on the internet and placed an order for a holster for my Beretta , making sure to attach a copy of my DD-214 form to get the discounted price. I even sent a copy of an old snap shot, a picture of me standing in my father’s front yard back in 1971 wearing my dress greens. If the name tag isn’t clear in the photo then the folks offering the discount wouldn’t be obligated to extend the half price offer; glad I found my DD-214.

That about covers this morning; think I’ll kick back and have some bar-b-que this afternoon with some friends who also served in the military. Enjoy Memorial Day and remember to be grateful for those who gave their lives defending your liberties.

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  1. What about the fire in St. Louis, set by anti-war protestors, that destroyed thousands of records?

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