Musician Recovers From Heavy Metal And Launches “Healing America”

Jeffrey Gilliam, a musician based in San Rafael, CA launched “Healing America”: A Patriotic DVD Dedicated To Veterans. The idea, if funding is completed through, will come to fruition after a long recovery from mercury toxicity.

With a new appreciation for life and the desire to help others, Jeffrey was strongly inspired to create a DVD with patriotic images and songs put to his own arrangement. The whole intention behind it is to help war veterans in their healing process.

The DVD is only the beginning of a much bigger vision. Mr. Gilliam wants to provide training and a platform for veterans to tell their personal story in a powerful and positive way. He has been working with storytelling coaches and instructors that are very well experienced in that field. This would give veterans top notch training to present their stories in a much more professional and interesting way. They all have amazing personal stories that can directly inspire and help others to overcome adversity in their own lives.

Mostly due to a large amalgam filling from 2008, Jeffrey developed many severe symptoms from mercury poisoning. There was fatigue, depression, digestive disorders, fuzzy thinking, prostatitis and worst of all, muscle weakness. At one his lowest points, his legs were getting weaker and it was getting harder to walk. He was fighting for his life and his health. Jeffrey used a mercury free dentist to remove all metal fillings and a holistic detox strategy with herbs, and a specific diet involving foods that pull the toxic metals out of your body.

He also began using meditation as a very effective tool for pain relief, peace of mind and even inspiration. It turns out that this project was created out of doing the meditation practice. One of the aspects of the practice is to notice coincidences in your life then take action when you see the meaning behind them. After many coincidences around veterans, patriotic music, Washington D.C. and more, Jeffrey knew he was meant to create this healing oriented DVD for veterans.

Now that he is “mercury free”, Jeffrey is gratefully looking forward to this project that could help veterans in their own healing. To see the video and get more information visit

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