One thought on “Judge Jeanine – Opening Statement: Obama, Hillary Real Losers of DC, You Don’t Deserve to Be Trusted

  1. Judge Jeanine’s has an ability to speak forcefully,.That all her fans know.Bur has she proceeded to put pen to paper, and used Judicial procedure to harry the Obama administration ?This, to ascertain whether personalities within the administration need to face Judicial procedures. ,and where need be… penalised !
    where wrong doing has occured.
    The American way of life cannot ignore wrong doings at the top .As morally it has set out to show an example to the world.
    Otherwise what is the meaning of a great platitude In God we Trust’?
    Judge Jeanine is the one to restore pride to the American People. America needs her not just on ‘Fox Channel” but in her chosen profession in the Courts of Law

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