Observations of The Loony Bin

By: Trapper Pettit

The New Normal

As you know, it’s rare that I attempt to write a current commentary. Well today’s your lucky day.

I have come to the conclusion that with all of the well intentions on both sides of the political spectrum, that trying to get something accomplished, to enlighten the idiots by blogging, is difficult at best. Why? No one that truly needs the information… reads.

So in an effort to shake the feeling, for lack of better words, deep concern, I turned on the TV this morning. A Big Mistake.

Fox News is covering the ‘Second Coming’. In case you are interested, it’s happening in England. No comment.

Joe Scarborough thinks the President’s remarks on Friday were well timed and sufficiently targeted. I’m thinking crack was involved with the statement. Oh, wait a minute — I did learn one thing a few minutes later in the show. The new buzz word by the left for a government bailout of Detroit is not ‘bailout’ per se, but ‘investments’ for the people. More crack? A question or two did pop in my mind about Sunset Joe: “How long can one man survive relying on “has-been laurels?” And, what type of person watches this self-proclaimed ‘Republican Conservative’ spout his pompous dribble that’s anything but conservative? Could it be Mika’s cleavage that’s the draw and not Sunset Joe’s vast knowledge and political prowess? Just a wild guess.

With another flick of the remote, I managed to catch Howard Dean’s act speaking on CNBC. The little weasel was dead off target when he somehow managed to avoid a direct question that was posed. The question posed was something like, “Is it wrong that the unions in Detroit that contributed to the politicians, who made then make promises to their constituency, then negotiated the contracts back with the unions for whatever, could have resulted in billions of unfunded liabilities, that possibly bankrupted the city?” He did the avoidance trick by using the old standby, “It’s Bush’s fault.” I’d never heard that before.

I will not comment on what Imus said about the Pope. The I-man should take up crack… it would be an improvement.

After seven minutes, I cut the TV off and decided to check on the financials via the Internet.

The first article I read was how Jack Lew, our illustrious Secretary of the Treasury, was in Greece this weekend. He was demanding that the Greeks keep on the current path of financial reform. He stated in unequivocal terms, and I’m paraphrasing, how it is imperative for the country to continue to work hard and get its debt under control because it’s the prudent and smart thing to do. Hello Jack… anyone home tending the farm?

It did make me wonder when Scarborough was going to schedule an interview with this genius. Two crack heads make a right… right? Or is that wrong?

Anyway, after several more clicks, a few more articles and a bunch of charts, I didn’t learn anything new. This week’s government revenue to spending chart is the same as the last several weeks. They all equated to more spending than revenues, and they are off the charts. Most equated the fact that Detroit is just the harbinger of our Christmas Future. I wonder if Mr. Lew recorded his weekend proclamation, or does he live off of a teleprompter like his boss?

Speaking of Mr. Teleprompter, I did run across some good news. Obama is going to lay out his economic vision for the future over the next several weeks. I wonder if it’s the same as last year’s apparition? He tends to have these vision quests right before he heads to the Hamptons. They are inspiring.

Truthfully, I’m not really inspired. I remember thinking that when the election results came in, back on that fateful day in November (after the shock and awe subsided) that we as a Republic had a twenty percent chance of surviving the next four years with Mr. Vision’s warped vision. I now know that my twenty percent calculations were overly optimistic, and yet, somewhere deep down there is still a glimmer of hope. Call me the Glimmer Man.

Anyhow, I’m sorry for this little sidebar Terresa. I just needed to get some of it out of the system. With all that the supposed good guys could do, like maybe pin some true American’s deaths on the bad guys… that would be a good start. Do they even remember Benghazi or Fast and Furious? Maybe take a little time and defund the IRS? Or, maybe even talk about going back on the Gold Standard before the Chinese beat us to the punch? But no, no, no, sidetracked again by the smoke and mirror masters with Trayvon Martin and the white man’s crimes against the universe. I’m telling you… it truly sucks.

Hey T, thanks. I feel a whole lot better. I think it’s time to get back to work and figure out how to survive the upcoming events. It’s not going to be long now. Later little lady and remember… keep the faith.

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