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Blasted Fools

I’ve been talking about Republicans that once had appeal to Tea Party people, of which I am one of a certain stripe. I say once had appeal, because they have proven to be either charlatans, imposters or have fallen victim to Potomac Fever.

That would be Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte (didn’t take her very long to destroy her brand) and many others of which the most notable example of late is Chris Christie. It’s time for him to take his rightful place in the Blasted Fools Hall of Shame. I’ll admit he had me snowed when he first came across my radar screen a few years back. I liked his gruff response to whiny and persistent reporters from the biased legacy media. I’d compare his trajectory from someone who talked the talk of a conservative (if never a social conservative) fairly well, to that of former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger who left office in disgrace.

Schwarzenegger romanced conservatives in California and even attempted some pretty laudable reforms, but once he got smacked down by the public employee unions, he didn’t get back up and roll up his sleeves for the next round, but instead – curled up in a ball like a little girly man and then went on a ludicrous fence mending tour with our enemies.

That’s right – I consider progressives in California, my enemies. They’ve turned the Golden State into the Pot Metal State. When I travel, I don’t even admit I live here. Why would I want to start an acquaintence off with a stranger on such bad footing? I say Arizona or Nebraska or something like that. So when Chris Christie starts doing the same thing as Ahhhhnold, in New Jersey, I recognize it. That’s why it didn’t come as much of a shock. Christie is a RINO now, if he ever wasn’t. Aside from the rotundity, you could have dropped him in the Governor’s office in Massachusetts during Romney’s term and no one would have known the difference.

But I want to talk about this video from Sunday’s ABC News gabfest, in which George Will and the other participants of the rectangular table panel, opine about the Chris Christie / Rand Paul feud. George Will, is a mostly unsung conservative icon – if he’s an icon at all. But in my book, he is. In my opinion, the rest of the panel on this ABC News ‘This Week’, seem like little, squeaky cat toys compared to him. The first two (talking heads) weren’t bad, but when you get a little further into it, you get to the useless idiots like what’s her face, the chick named after a prison – what is it, oh yes, Soledad O’Brien – it’s a waste of o2. I was able to find a video where the blubbering progress-o-bots were edited out. You’re welcome.

George Will points out and the other gentlemen, neither of which I’m familiar with – reaffirm, that Libertarian minded people are ramping up their influence in the GOP. This is very true. It is because the ‘independent conservative’ is in ascendance and the NeoCons are receding into the margins – although they are still struggling to hang on and in doing so, are adopting the shape shifting morph of RINO-cons. I’m thinking McCain, Graham-cracker and among others, the Senator from Georgia, Saxby Chambliss. They’ll be retired from the Senate most ungracefully. That is to say, they’ll go kicking and screaming and foaming at the mouth like possessed individuals. Count on it, but go they must. As brother Jesse says, “if not now, when?”. The sooner the better, in any event.

Chris Christie reveals himself to be a big government politician with an R next to his name. There’s not much difference between one of those and a Governor with a D next to his name – it’s merely a slight degree of proportion. Christie’s off my list, not that he was ever seriously on it, but now that he’s shown his colors, I’m for sure, done with him. Moral of the story, as the Apostle Timothy says, “Lay hands suddenly on no man”. Watch them and discern if their deeds line up with their talk. Good advice for judging “Poets, Priests and Politicians who have words to thank for their positions”.

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