The Ideal Government

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello NoisyRoom readers… I know I haven’t written in a long time. I have a new computer and want to write about the above subject title. This article will cover if I were elected president, what changes would I bring about? Not so much about change, but reverting to what the Founding Fathers designed with a few new ideas thrown in. My political leanings are conservative with some Libertarian viewpoints thrown in for good measure. Now, I don’t subscribe to all Libertarian policies. I am not for legalized recreational drugs or prostitution. I do like some of the ideas of Ron Paul, but not his foreign policy when it comes to radical Islam or Iran. I do like his take on domestic issues. For instance, his stance on the Fed is absolutely correct. With that in mind, come journey with me concerning the ideal government.


My staff would consist of VICE PRESIDENT TED NUGENT, ATTORNEY GENERAL JOE ARPAIO, SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN BOLTON and SECRETARY OF DEFENSE RICHARD MARCINKO. The first order of business would be a press conference to announce a 100 day shut down of the main body of government; sending all of the House and Senate home. Then there would be a total audit of the government from head to toe and a swift 100% spending freeze on all non-essential services as well as all foreign aid. There would be a 75% pay cut to all government workers in Washington and to all of Congress. Unions in Washington would be done away with and all benefit packages removed. Congress would have to book their own flights and brown bag their own lunches. They would need to drive themselves to work and pay their own medical bills.

Step two would be an audit of all government services and agencies, and the shutdown and termination of said organizations. Then comes the recovery of all gear, weapons and offices of these agencies and the sale of these items and property to the public. The IRS, EPA, DOE, DHS and ATF would be the first to be shut down, since they are known to be threats to American’s civil liberties and civil rights. I would audit all intelligence gathering procedures. If any violate American’s liberties or rights to privacy, the people involved will be fired and the agency will be made to rethink their policies. Any and all federal level law enforcement not following the constitution to the letter will be rearranged and personnel fired. This same group of agencies will also be automatically demilitarized. No more drones, APC, full auto weapons — and a limit on ammo buying.

Step three — taxes and tax law will no longer be a rocket science industry. The current tax laws will all be revoked and replaced with the Fair Tax system. All it will require for you is to buy something and your fair share is paid for. No loopholes, no tax attorneys, no IRS, no audits and everyone pays in no fuss or muss. Then we’ll have a look at all government entitlements: welfare, food stamps, corporate welfare, bailout programs… it’s not the government’s job to feed and clothe the people. That should be left to the community, the churches and individuals and we should not be giving free stuff to illegals any way. The new deal and LBJ’s war on poverty will be shut down and the care of the poor will be left in the hands of the people.

Step four — I will revoke almost all federal, state and local gun control laws that violate the Second Amendment or any other part of the constitution. I will order all states to promote a nationwide constitutional carry mandate, which means that if you are a law abiding American citizen, then you can carry open or concealed without harassment. I will promote gun safety and shooting classes in public schools and teach the history of the importance of guns in America. Lobbyists will not be welcomed at the White House. I would like to introduce a constitutional amendment for a two term limit on all elected officials — 6 years each and then you are out and you can’t run for another office again. You would have to return to real life. Political office should be a public service, not a career.

Step five would involve border security. It will be modified to be part of the Dept. of Defense and a new multi-layered border fence will be built and set up to be as dangerous as possible for the illegals to cross at any time. This will entail everything from digging a deep cement filled foundation to defeat the tunnel systems, to sniper towers, drone patrols, mine fields, razor wire and electrified fencing. There will be automatic deportation and federal prison time for anyone or any company that houses or hires illegals. It’s nothing more then slavery and a national security problem.

Step six — the military needs an audit and a facelift. I would order a full dress audit of the entire military right down to the paper clips in the Pentagon. We need to evaluate the obsolete garrisons all around the world and more than likely, pull them back home and retrain our soldiers. Next, we’ll look into the average soldier’s needs: gun ammo, body armor and transports. We need to give the military more teeth and less tail. The medical care at home and with the Veteran’s Administration needs a facelift and needs to be run and operated by veterans and not office geeks or union labor. We need to improve the way we can get a returning war fighter help when he needs it, so they can settle back home. We need their families and friends to help out with that and that should include the soldier’s battle brother as well. A soldier’s family shouldn’t have to go on welfare or food stamps, damn it!

Step seven — foreign policy first and foremost would be to pull out of the U.N. Kick out 99.9% of all the member nations’ ambassadors, but we would keep Japan, Great Britain and Israel. Stop all foreign aid to all the countries that want us dead and shut down all overseas embassies. Get everyone home and stop giving money to Africa and the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s a big money pit. No more military aid to foreign nations as well; that kicks us in the ass every time. Support Israel’s fight against all her foes and back her up when asked. She is our friend and besides, we partially paid for that country’s beginnings. We are not in the business of building democracy. That’s not our job, because we are not a democracy. Foreign cultures won’t change overnight and most don’t want to any way.

Well, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but if you have more or better ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. I love to read them. You can also email me at: [email protected] if you want to get a hold of me.