Where’s The Outrage? Where’s The Parents?

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I will be talking about the batch of hate filled/gangbanger related black on white murders the past couple of weeks and how the media and the race pimps are now silent and not saying much. This is because it doesn’t fit their race baiting dialogue or serve their political agenda of phony victim-hood.


Just next door to my town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is this tolerant city with its share of crime, gangs and corrupt law enforcement problems. Just a few days ago, a World War II vet, who was 88 years-old, was brutality beaten with flash lights and left to die. He died at the hospital. This man served with honor in Okinawa and other theaters of war. The guy was known as “Shorty” and was a member of the local F.O.E. club. He was going over to shoot pool and grab a beer. He was waiting for a friend when he was ambushed by a pair of young black males, who beat him to death and then left.

One man is in custody and one is still at large and on the run. They were caught on camera.


The kid from Australia was a baseball player for the college there in Oklahoma. He was just outside jogging when it seems three young guys — two black, one white — shot this kid outright in cold blood. At first, most thought it was a thrill kill because one of them stated they shot him because they were “bored.” Now, we find out that more than likely, this was a gang related crime and the youngest of the punks was twittering a racist rant about white people and showing off illegally owned guns. There was also a hit list produced as part of the gangbanger’s right of passage and he loved his gang signs. What I find not funny, is the father of the trigger puller said that his son didn’t know what he was doing and the kid sister blamed the community for not doing something with him. What? Midnight basketball would not have stopped this. Maybe some old fashioned PARENTING would have been the thing. This kid’s own mother is in prison and not available to him. I don’t know about you, but a family with a mother and a father is they only way to go. More parents and less XBox.


An employee of the DHS was recently found to have made a YouTube video calling on all people of color to prep for a race war and to kill as many white people as possible. Another employee seems to have been worried about this guy going postal and yet the DHS supervisors are doing nothing.


in an apparent rush to stem the flow of hate and intolerance, the Rev. Al Sharpton went on TV today to denounce the black on white murder………skreeech! Sorry guys… that was a fantasy wormhole world that almost was. Nope. Not a word from the usual race pimps on this, but Al did say that this doesn’t fit a racial crime template whatsoever and the system worked. What? And of course, the anti-gun crowed was on its high horse of hypocrites. Boy, when a white guy used self defense against a known thug, they were all over that like bees on honey. Now, silence and not threats of protest or any words to condemn theses acts.

So, I ask you… what happened in both cases? Well, parenting for one thing can’t control what you’re not there for. Second, evil has many faces and comes in all different packages. Hate and racism seem to be the connection for both murders and we might be seeing a revenge factor with the Zimmerman case. I hope not because that will get more people killed and more kids lost. And to the leaders of the community, please pay attention to the kids. Pay a visit to the homes and families and see how they are doing and if they have problems with school or other kids. Pastors, pay attention to your flock no matter what religion you are. It’s your responsibility to see how the families are doing. To parents (blood or foster), please less XBox and more parenting. If you’re a single parent, you have to work harder. I can’t explain it any better than that.

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