NSA Leaker “Outed” as Russian Agent

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

The media have been given important new information in the case of NSA leaker Edward Snowden and don’t seem to know what to do with it. Snowden has been “outed” by the Russians as their agent.

The Washington Post reports that “Before American fugitive Edward Snowden arrived in Moscow in June—an arrival that Russian officials have said caught them by surprise—he spent several days living at the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong, a Moscow newspaper reported Monday.”

In other words, the Russians were in on the deception all along. It was an example of what the old Soviet KGB called “disinformation.” The Russians wanted people to believe that Snowden was a whistleblower desperately searching for a place to go.

Remember that Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, had even said that if Snowden wanted to stay in Russia, he would have to “stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners…” Putin said this sounded “strange” coming from “my lips,” as if he really was concerned about protecting America’s interests.

It was one lie on top of another.

“Until now, Russian officials have said that Snowden’s arrival in Moscow was a surprise, and not entirely welcome,” the Post said. Putin said, “It is true that Mr. Snowden arrived in Moscow, which was completely unexpected for us.”

It was not “unexpected,” since Snowden had been living at the Russian consulate. Snowden sought Russian help and the Russians gave it to him. He became a defector, a Russian agent.

“If true,” CBS News reported, “this would suggest greater Russian involvement in Snowden’s efforts to escape American justice than President Vladimir Putin’s government has acknowledged.” No kidding.

Putin was deceiving the West until they could get their hands on Snowden in Moscow.

These revelations are further evidence of how the Russians play the American media—and some Americans—like violins. It is the subject of the new book, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism.

The Russian paper’s report is confirmation of the fact that Putin lied through his teeth about Snowden’s relationship with Russia and is now boasting about carrying out this monumental deception.

Some liberals are waking up. Progressive analyst Spandan Chakrabarti writes, “Curious choice, don’t you think, for the paragon of government transparency to show up and seek help from one of the most secretive, pro-spying, anti-free speech and anti-free press governments on earth?”

The blogger went on, “Given Snowden’s contact with the Russians well before he arrived at Moscow, to what extent is the pretend-whistleblower a cover for someone who perhaps was actually interested in selling American intelligence to Russia? This is an even more pertinent question, since RT—the Kremlin-funded ‘news’ agency—has been particularly supportive of Snowden. When the global propaganda arm of the Russian government takes up your cause, it means that you’re valuable to Russia, and the only question is how that ‘value’ is subject to being ‘cashed in.’”

Referring to the colors of the Russian flag, he concluded, “I guess Snowden is red, white, and blue after all, just of some different stripes.”

The article in the Russian paper Kommersant “implies that Snowden’s decision to seek Russian help came after he was joined in Hong Kong by Sarah Harrison, a WikiLeaks staff member who became his adviser and later flew to Moscow with him,” the Post said. “Harrison, the article suggests, had a role in making the plans.”

This is also important information. Like her boss and boyfriend, Julian Assange, it is now clear that Harrison is working on behalf of Moscow’s interests in this case. Trevor Loudon’s report, “Julian Assange: Whistleblower or Spy for Moscow?,” previously examined Assange’s support for and from America’s enemies.

Fred Weir of the Christian Science Monitor, who has deep Moscow connections, quotes Viktor Baranets, a columnist on security issues for the Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda, as saying, “…I never thought Snowden’s trip was a complete surprise for Russia. I believe our special services were watching him from the beginning. If Russian leaders say they know nothing, well, what would American leaders say if some Russian intelligence officer turned up in a U.S. airport with secrets?”

In other words, Putin lied.

The revelations are extremely embarrassing, not only for those in the media who bought the line that Snowden was a whistleblower with no allegiance to Moscow, but for Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul. He compared the NSA leaker to Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King, Jr. during an appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show.

Paul said about Snowden, “On deciding when you decide to become a civil disobedient—we’ve had famous ones in our career, but some of them only had to serve, like [Henry David] Thoreau only had to serve one day in jail, Martin Luther King served 30 days in jail.”

At the time, Rep. Peter King responded, “When you have Rand Paul actually comparing Snowden to Martin Luther King or Henry David Thoreau, this is madness, this is the anti-war Democrats in the 1960s that destroyed their party for almost 15 years, I don’t want that happening to our party.”

The far-left Huffington Post described Senator Paul as “one of the few public officials sympathetic toward Edward Snowden…” Paul said, “I do think, for Mr. Snowden, if he cozies up to the Russian government, it will be nothing but bad for his name in history.”

By that point, according to the new information, Snowden had already been staying in the Russian consulate in Hong Kong and was boarding a plane going to Moscow.

Aaron Goldstein of The American Spectator had said at the time, “If Paul took off his rose colored glasses he might see that Snowden is neither Thoreau nor King, but rather more closely resembles Alger Hiss.”

Snowden’s Moscow lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, has been described as “linked” to the Federal Security Service (FSB) the successor to the Soviet KGB, or as “Kremlin-connected.” Moscow-funded Russia Today television simply calls him “one of the top Russian lawyers.”

The AFP wire service describes him as a Putin supporter who also sits on the “public council” of the FSB. “Apparently, the main task of the Public Council is to improve the image of the FSB,” says a Russian watchdog group.

Edward Snowden is not in “good hands,” as the Allstate commercial says. The former Ron Paul supporter has defected to the other side.

The Los Angeles Times ran a cartoon showing Snowden sitting at a microphone in front of two KGB-type thugs saying, “And I want to thank the Russian Federation for protecting my right to free speech.” The story next to the cartoon was headlined, “Edward Snowden should remember Putin is no free-speech champion.”

Now that Snowden’s close collaboration with the Russians is a matter of public record, it’s time for the media to examine the real nature of Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks organization.

“Activists in the WikiLeaks movement who pretty much see the United States as the world’s biggest bad guy and believe governments have no right to secrecy are applauding the Russians” in the Snowden case, the story went on to say.

Translation: Don’t look for WikiLeaks to ever disclose any Russian state secrets, such as murdering dissidents at home and abroad and financing Arab and Islamic terrorism.

The forthcoming movie about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, “The Fifth Estate,” is described as “A dramatic thriller based on real events” which “reveals the quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power that turned an Internet upstart into the 21st century’s most fiercely debated organization.”

The debate is over: WikiLeaks and its client Edward Snowden are in Moscow’s pocket. Let there be no doubt.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected].


Finally, Conservative Doesn’t Cave When Called Racist

By: Lloyd Marcus

Steve Lonegan

There were school buses parked for as far as my childhood eyes could see. Dad and I were amongst a sea of mostly black faces. The stage seemed a mile away from us. Black movie star Lena Horn took to the microphone. Her speech of heartily yelling one word drove the crowd wild with delight and applause. “FRREEEDDDOOOOMMMM!!!

While Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech made history, I was extremely impressed that Ms. Horn could simply utter one word and exit the stage leaving the crowd electrified.

We wore commemorative buttons that day. Dad said I told him, “I’m not taking off this button until we get our freedom.”

Another thing that resonated in my young impressionable brain was MLK saying something about dreaming of a day when little black boys and girls and little white boys and girls would walk together in love. No, those were not MLK’s exact words, but that’s the message I took home. It felt good, honorable and right.

Black civil rights movement pioneers such as Jesse Jackson were entrusted with building upon MLK’s well-intentioned legacy. Tragically, Jackson along with a majority have been seduced to the dark side (Liberalism).

MLK did not sacrifice his life for black empowerment to be reduced to a pawn in a political chess game; used as a weapon to bludgeon white conservatives into submitting to an anti-Christian and anti-America agenda. And yet, that is exactly what has been happening particularly since Obama took up residence in the White House.

Betrayed by it’s generals, MLK’s once great Civil Rights movement has abandoned it’s mission of black empowerment. It has morphed into the Race Industry. Its sole purpose is to exploit race for political and financial gain. The Race Industry and white liberals are a tag-team committed to declaring any and all opposition to anything Obama wants to do as racism against America’s first black president.

So for the first time in US history, Americans are not permitted to criticize, impugn or disagree with their president. Challengers to this rule are dealt with swiftly and severely; humiliated and destroyed in the mainstream media.

Professional race exploiters such as Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP and CBC are unchallenged by the mainstream media no matter how outrageous and over-the-top their accusations. For example: Jesse Jackson called Florida an apartheid state because of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial. How absurd. And yet, not one person in the mainstream media has said, Jesse, you’re nuts! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb6huGU8QpM

Is Jesse Jackson and the Race Industry representative of MLK’s dream; black and white kids walking together in brotherly love? Absolutely not. Jesse and his ilk only seek power and thirty pieces of silver in exchange for black votes to liberal politicians, while ignoring the best interest of black America.

MLK was a Christian and a Republican, both are anathemas to the contemporary Civil Rights movement (race industry) which has sold its soul to the dark side; embracing no restrictions on abortion, same-sex marriage, government redistribution of wealth and government controlling every aspect of our lives. This is not rhetoric. It is documented truth. http://bit.ly/AwzwIo

Riding on the coattails of Obama’s black skin, liberal black politicians are using America’s new hyper sensitivity to all things racial to get their way. Want to silence political opposition? Call it racist. White conservatives typically run for the tall grass, cowering in fear.

This is why I find Steve Lonegan’s response to attempts to play the Race Card against him extraordinary and refreshing. Lonegan’s opponent is a black liberal Obama sycophant. Keep in mind that Lonegan is legally blind. Thus, his response was brilliant and gutsy. “I have a handicap, you know. I am a white guy running in the state of New Jersey.”

Wow! Folks, I wanted to give Lonegan a man hug. Finally, a white conservative who refuses to be pushed back on his heels, falling for the same old Democrat tactic. Lonegan spoke the truth which our side is not permitted to do in our politically correct America. Liberals are furious at Lonegan. This uppity white boy had better remember his place.

Staying on offense like Lonegan is the only way we are going to save our country folks. Liberals are never going to back off from accusing conservatives of racism because it works; their most effective weapon.

Thus, the only thing we conservatives can do is change our reaction to their vacant evil lies. We need more courageous conservatives like Steve Lonegan who will not be intimidated or side tracked; willing to stand up and fight for principles and values that most Americans hold dear.

We also need you to rally around guys like Lonegan; patriots willing to say, “Hang in there brother, we got your back!http://bit.ly/16mXgOo

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


Time for Investors to Hunker Down

By: Dan Dicker of Oilprice.com

It’s time to step out from my ‘normal’ role as the ‘energy expert’ and make a comment or two on the markets in general, just as a professional trader who’s seen quite a bit in his almost 3 decades of daily experience with capital markets and the way they act. Patterns emerge that aren’t foolproof, but they’ve served well over the years and they are making some very visceral noises to me, even observing the action at longer range on vacation.

Here’s something that won’t be news to you – the markets look terrible.

It’s not just the fundamental information that most of the ‘regular’ equity analysts have been filling you full of on every media outlet around: There’s the lowering of expectations on earnings, not just the disappointments of 2nd quarter results (which were uninspiring). It’s not just the continued bad indications from the emerging markets, whose growth rates continue to be guided downward. It’s not the continuing bleat of ‘taper talk’ which (for those who believe this has been a totally fed-inspired rally) would be a total death knell for stocks.

You don’t need me to point out any of this.

But here’s what I see. There’s a stock market that continues to ride the lower edges of some usually reliable technical indicators, like the RSI and Stochastic, usually a good sign for a technical rally. There’s a market that’s felt extended but now looks more like it’s really rolling over, and not for any short-term of a few sessions or weeks, as we had earlier this year. We’ve got a bond market that may be even worse than equities, and is riding out into the sunset on a wave of panic, with very few analysts interested in buying. And we’ve got a pick-up in some of the most ‘left-for-dead’ commodities that were never supposed to come back, including copper and natural gas, up above $3.50/mcf again.

Every stock rally looks like it has to be sold and Gold actually looks like it should be bought.

These are not good signs, folks. These are the signs of a market that has put in it’s best values for the next several months and has a best case scenario of moving sideways for the rest of the year, if not into the first few quarters of 2014.

But, where can you go? As an oil trader, I’ve got no problem being short commodities, but a lousy track record being short stocks. That’s why I’ve advocated collecting premium wherever you can by selling calls either in the money or slightly out of it on most every issue you own in stocks. With your commodity exposure, I still maintain that most of the risk remains to the upside and the strong correlations between oil and stocks are slowing breaking.

In very, very unique cases, I might look to buy something undervalued, but it would have to have been undervalued for years, as the miners have been or perhaps inside the natural gas space. Over the last few columns, I’ve given you some ideas here and I’ll continue to do that when appropriate.

But for now and into the near future, I’m hunkering down.

The market action just stinks.

By: Dan Dicker of Oilprice.com

This report is part of Oilprice.com’s premium publication Oil & Energy Insider . Oil & Energy Insider gives subscribers an information advantage when investing, trading or doing business in the energy sectors. Successful investors, hedge funds and senior executives, have access to high level intelligence and power in ways that you, as an individual investor, are locked out of (the game is and never has been fair.) Let us help you level the playing field by using our network of traders, intelligence assets and high level partnerships to ensure you are making the right investment decisions.

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Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll in Malmö!

By: Hans Erling Jensen

I am happy to inform you about a great meeting in Malmö this very September!

The meeting will be available for people outside Sweden on direct video for a small fee — app. 3 Euro.
More info about that to come!

The Swedish Free Press Society and Dispatch International present

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll

Swedish and Danish media portray the grass root English Defence League, EDL, as a bunch of violent football hooligans and despicable racists. But are they? Come and hear what the EDL’s leaders have to say.

Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll will visit Malmö and Copenhagen to tell why they oppose England’s Islamization and how they go about it. After their speeches, the audience will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Malmö September 28, 2013

· Folkets Hus, 1 Olof Palmes plats

· Time: 14-16

· 200 SEK

Best regards/Vänlig hälsning/Vielen Grüsse/Venlig hilsen

Hans Erling Jensen
Free Speech Europe – Director

http://freespeech.nu Official WEB page for “The Roundabout Dog TOUR”

The Free Press Society, Sweden – Board Member

Email: [email protected]

Skype: “snowhans”

Phone SE +46 707 85 57 50
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