8 thoughts on “AHEAD: SYRIAN WAR, WWIII, & SHUT DOWN of US ECONOMY – Ann Barnhardt

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  2. Agree with Poob, Tron.
    Ann had her moments, but has pretty much lost it.
    Not just her house (after having closed down her farm investment business).
    Maybe she’s happier living out of a trailer and cleaning toilets now.
    I wish her well, but she’s ranting at this point.

  3. I wonder why the people who consider her a loon, or a nut job, still pay attention to her?? must be something she says that strikes a nerve, truthful maybe???

  4. This woman is intelligent and makes some good points but on the whole there are some serious problems with her argument, and many of her claims are extremely speculative.

    The Saudis supported the coup in Egypt that toppled Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and killed or arrested all its leaders, shut down its newspapers and television stations, and outlawed the MB as a party.

    It does look odd that we would support the rebels whose members include Al Qaeda. However the plan is probably to oust Assad and then get rid of Al Qaeda. Assad is a strong ally of Iran and Iran is the big prize. Once Iran is isolated it will be much less of a threat.

    Barnhardt needs to explain why AIPAC (the Israeli lobby) and the ADL are strongly advocating invasion of Syria. They are no fans of the MB.

    “Playing dirty is the only way they know how to play.” Barnhardt makes the mistake of running together secularized Muslims and devout Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood being in the second category. Secular morality views moral decisions in terms of costs versus benefits. It’s okay to kill innocent people if in the end something sufficiently good is accomplished. Both communism and liberal humanism subscribe to versions of this morality. Religious morality views moral decisions in terms of what is required by Divine commandments. A devout Muslim would never kill an innocent person much less kill Muslim children with poison gas. Devout people sometimes do horrifying things such as behead prostitutes or burn heretics at the stake, but they only do this if they think God commands it. Either that or they are putting faith aside in order to act on a violent impulse. There are ‘sinners’ in every faith and also among secular humanists who ignore the requirements of secular morality in pursuit of personal gain.

    The Egyptian generals who shot the MB demonstrators were not Muslims except in the sense that atheist Jews are Jews or lapsed Catholics are Catholics.

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  6. Ok, I am a Christian, I am a constitutionalist, I am very well informed. She is dead on to the truth. Eye’s to see, ear’s to hear. The usurper is destroying this nation, and the world….wait, I mean those who control the usurper are doing such things. He’s but a puppet, a tool.

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