America -14 Months Later

By: Gerald Loeffers

Here’s a possible glimpse into America if things continue the way they are and more people don’t rise up and make themselves be heard. We’re already hearing reports of more and more police districts getting free armored APCs from the Defense Dept. Also, things like armed up drones and the fact that they are buying up both AK rifles and magazines is coming out. Now that Obamacare is here and up and running (sort of) we will see full enforcement of doctors snooping into your personal life… asking questions about your sex life or your gun ownership and then the mandatory RFID tracking chips being implanted. What? You thought those chips were just for Fido? With more and more power being given to the DHS, IRS, EPA and FEMA and with the steadfast rumors of prison camps and gallows in place all over this country, along with a federalized national police force in place by DHS that’s been fully working for a year or more, nothing would surprise me. We’re also looking at the intentional collapse of the American economy through both the massive welfare and food stamp programs and through the Fed and its printing of funny money and buying up of stocks and housing markets. Just look at the Obama White House’s inexcusable use of the American people to teach them a lesson and to cause as much pain as possible, so we go running to them begging. I for one will never do that. Screw them! I am an AYN RAND, small government, Constitutional Libertarian and I know now that neither party has my self interests in their plans or has the health of the traditional American in their hearts.


Well, we’re already seeing proof that DHS plans to go the way of Nazi Germany if the change of leadership or lack there of is any indication. More and more members of Obama’s pals, the Muslim Brotherhood, are being injected into more positions in Washington and a major player from Dallas, TX is getting a top ranked job at DHS. We’re going to be seeing, sooner rather than later, more and more suburbs being patrolled and controlled by DHS or more militarized police forces — first in small batches, but as months move on and people get used to it, then BAM! You will be asked for your papers or I.D. and entire neighborhoods will have had all personal firearms, ammo and knives removed door to door, “FOR YOUR SAFETY.” And if you think the economy sucks now, wait a year when your cash is worthless and the only way to feed yourself is to be forced on a government food stamp program. Don’t look to a supermarket or a fast-food restaurant. Most will be out of business by then or their shelves will be empty. All the food and farms will be under government control. You won’t even be allowed to grow your own food. Self defense will be a thing of the past; gun ownership will only be for the elite among the government and the rich, who are their friends, just like it was in Nazi Germany. Hell… even the rank and file law enforcement or soldiers won’t be able to own their own personal firearms (what if they rebel?). And as children, we grown ups will be given a curfew and we won’t be able to stay up late. We’ll have to be in bed at a set time just like mama Obama tells us.


So, are you a Mormon, a Catholic, a Jew or a Christian believer of any kind? It’s your lucky day! Your new religion is either Islam or Obama worship. That’s right… for a limited time only, you get two choices — convert or prison with a short wait time for the gallows. Just like Hitler and Stalin, your racist religious beliefs will be completely outlawed. It’s the government’s belief that all Christians are the cause of all wars and violence and need to be outlawed for a “safe and secure society.” We already have noticed the Obama flags around and we know that historically, Hitler had all of the churches that he allowed to be open, replace their crosses and other symbols with the Nazi flag. He placed SS officers in all the churches to keep tabs on all preachers or priests to ensure that they were teaching the gospel according to Hitler. So, be prepared to practice in secret… in basements or way out of town without telling anyone because that’s part of the plan. And part of this plan is to replace the Constitution with Islamic Sharia Law, which is socialist in nature. That’s right… you guessed it! Just like the Nazi Party, but pay no attention to the historical alliance of radical Islam and the Nazi party or Hitler’s friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood. There’s just no relation between that and Obama’s dealings. You can just watch some reality show and forget about this little coincidence.


This will be the next step within the year… they are already pushing with the Monument closings, the Barrycades and armed guards. Remember, NUDGE, SHOVE AND THEN SHOOT! We are also seeing an increase in police over use of force on children and the disabled, as well as the over militarized police all over the country. When you have a communist-supporting, asshole movie actor leading a SWAT team in Arizona, the overkill is tremendous. You shouldn’t let Steven Seagal back in the country after his many visits to Putin, who is his close friend. Then you have the on purpose removal of any Constitutional knowledge throughout the entire field of law enforcement at both the local and federal levels. They know case study law basics, but not the Constitution itself, which everybody should know == it’s only four pages! We will see in the next year less community minded patrol cops and more of the turtle shell looking black, heavily armed ninja cops. That’s not the way original law enforcement was designed to be. We see an increase of more and more people being arrested and imprisoned for speaking out and non-compliance of ridiculous regulations that are meant to pound you into the sand. Then, if they suspect you of terrorism, look out! You won’t be water boarded… it will be worse. They will take your children away and you won’t see them again. They will force you to watch your wife get tortured or worse.


It doesn’t matter to me what rank and file party member you are… you know what’s going on (I HOPE SO ANYWAY). You know what both parties are doing is a game to them. They think the American people are a clown show and they are the ring leaders, giving you crumbs for payment. So, is that what you really are? A circus side show or an American? We are sick and tired of the game and the phony gridlock reports we get from the media. You need to get prepared with food, water, arms, first aid and new skill sets because this will be a new America next year period. We slept too long and have woken up a little late. It’s time for catching up. There are things moving along as we speak. THE OATHKEEPERS are getting operational teams going in parts of the country and are mobilizing, but we need you as well. Again, I could care less about your party ties… cut them. You should be done with them and rely on yourself. Make no mistake, we will have to be the helper in the community. We need each other now more then ever.

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