Glenn Beck: GOP Should Cave on Debt Ceiling, ‘Come Back With a Plan’ Next Time


10/16/13 – Glenn Beck argued on Wednesday that Republicans should cave on the debt ceiling. Why? Because they are “dealing with Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter.” Beck said the “Marxist revolutionary” President Obama would love nothing more than to blame a complete economic collapse on the Republicans and defer any and all blame from himself.

Beck brought up Obama’s recent CNBC appearance when, instead of “being calm and saying the world has nothing to worry about,” he said the markets should be “concerned” about what’s happening in Washington.

“He’s looking for a reason to collapse it and blame it on the tea party and blame it on the Republicans, so they should cave on the debt ceiling at this point.”

Beck also said the GOP need to get its act together, pass a short-term deal, and then next time, “come back with a plan!”

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