The Politely Armed Society

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By: Gerald Loeffers

Today folks, let’s look at the human nature part of being an armed country, where there are armed citizens, civility and good manners practiced and it gives both criminals and politicians pause and thoughts for their actions. Then the flip side… look at the failures of gun free zones and the rise of robbery, rape, murder and general nastiness among the teenagers and vagrants alike in these cities. I am against any kind of government gun control period. All your questions on gun control can be answered by reading the Constitution’s Second Amendment and we should take a second look at our policies on gun rights concerning certain factions of non-violent felons. Not all felons deserve a permanent revocation of there gun ownership rights, because one size does not fit all.


A gun is an inanimate object and tool that you are in full control of and that’s as far as my gun control beliefs go. But you show a gun to a liberal control freak and they have these fantasies of a gun coming to life and reloading itself; cutting up millions of people with its little 30 round magazine. They treat guns like they are a supernatural object of evil. But yet, as practical experience has shown, guns in the hands of responsible citizens have SAVED and even HELPED more people than they have harmed. Guns are a tool of freedom around the world and in your community. Guns are the tools of liberty against corrupt governments throughout history and the Founders knew this.



The rise of the entitlement fueled, rude and crude class is directly related to the gun free zone laws in places like Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, California and New York City. These are the same places that also have high rates of violent crime, random shootings and gang banger activity. They are also experiencing a rise in kidnappings and home invasions from illegal immigrants that our esteemed leaders from both parties have ignored in order to get their votes. The simplest thing that all radical gun haters ignore is that all the school and base shootings were done by people who knew that these places had no one armed and they could conduct their misdeeds in a free fire zone with no opposition. The other thing I have noticed is what’s going on in gun free zone cities with the increase in police state mentality and the over militarized conversion of traditional community minded patrol cops and the over use of SWAT teams against unarmed guys with for instance, a single spent shell casing and one damn box of ammo. This has also led to whole police divisions hiring wannabe thugs and mental midgets who have no Constitutional knowledge and who have thrived on random abuse of their authority over the very citizens they swore to protect.


Let’s look at an average town with common sense gun laws — Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. This town has gun laws that are practical. They have the right to carry concealed or open carry. They can buy arms privately without paperwork. You can, with the right ATF paperwork, buy machine guns, suppressors and SBR weapons. And, oh look… we don’t even have a serous wannabe gang problem. This town has one of lowest violent crime rates out there. Unlike Spokane, WA which is next door, where there are shootings every week, some police corruption and you also have to watch them because an Islamic Community Center just opened up over there. The home robbery rate is low and the few wannabes we do get once in a while don’t last long when they find out we shoot back, lol. I do believe that when you are armed as a good citizen, you intend to help others in a responsible fashion. This is what the Founders talked about over many years. Well, hell… you never know. One day you might be saving a policeman’s life, just as one day a couple of months ago, a regular armed citizen helped out a local sheriff and saved his life with his gun. An armed society also is a good defense against a corrupt police force. Remember… they are human and can fall into greed like everyone else, just like a corrupt government.

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