Update: Recorded, Streaming Interview: Diana West, Author of American Betrayal (10/29)

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Gladly, we’ve received quite a bit of response to this interview, including the request of its recording, for those who missed it live. I confess I was challenged at times to boil-down my concerns into questions, but Diana was kind to follow their little white rabbits along their rabbit trails.

We were also privileged to be joined by geopolitical research analyst and fellow PRN broadcaster, Denise Simon, and author and exposer of manufactured crisis neo-Marxism, James Simpson.

(After about an hour and a quarter, I then played Ms. West’s June presentation with Heritage Foundation, the video of which is found in Terresa Monroe Hamilton’s “American Betrayal – A Book Review” with better audio quality. After a certain point, it’s probably best to read the book, eh? And if you wish to volunteer to run BTR program controls, please let me know! 😉

Initial entry 10/29, 2:50pm CT

Access Tonight:

West-Diana-2013-Don-Irvine7/17/2013 (Don Irvine phtoto)

Special Interview:

Sovereignty-Unbound-AW-600w-450h-10TOne of America’s very best syndicated columnists, Diana West, author of American Betrayal, will tell us how her research demonstrates an ongoing subversion of America’s highest halls of government (along with intelligence and media) focusing upon the World War II years.

Also, how for revealing it she was attacked, in “true” propagandist style.

Don’t miss the 10pm ET start; Ms. West leads off!

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This is presented in an ongoing Sovereignty Unbound or Gulag Bound series: Relearn the 20th Century.

Your host is Arlen Williams of GulagBound.com and the Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam.org).

In addition to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s new, “American Betrayal – A Book Review,” you may wish to see any of these videos regarding this essential author and essential book (a meaty and well ordered, twelve minute synopsis in the middle one):

Five and a half minutes with Glenn Beck:


Recommended – twelve minutes with Erick Stakelbeck:


Two hours at the well, in Boston last August:


In Twitter: @diana_west_

On her blog: DianaWest.net


Now, to understand where you have come,
Gain command of how things came to be.
Look back, see the lines, where the present is from,
Relearn the Twentieth Century.

Then you can see which way you must go,
Each plot, its plants checked at each border.
Look back on each row, then you’ll know where to hoe,
For real growth in the true world order.


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Are You Pulling the Cart or Riding the Cart?

By: Gerald Loeffers

“We need to get more Americans pulling the cart” – Governor Bobby Jindal

No truer words have never been spoken. Hello everyone… we’re going to look at American personal responsibility and how it will effect the country and each of us down the road. What are we going to leave behind for the future of America? A country in debt and misery, or leave a better America to the future leaders that we are raising now? I am going to look at the current welfare state, Cloward and Piven, Mike Rowe, the disappearance of personal responsibility and the intentional collapse of America from within.


Mike Rowe is a man I only knew through watching DIRTY JOBS, but since last week’s GLENN BECK interview, I now have even more respect for him and his back to work ethic. I also admire his promotion of the nearly forgotten TRADE SCHOOLS and how there are 3 million jobs in the trades that none of the IVY LEAGUE COLLEGES promote because these institutions are not about hard work, but instead they are about indoctrination and wasting as much of your money as possible. He also has a trade school scholarship program where you have to take a pledge, write a 500 word essay and do a promotion video showing your work ethic and your willingness to sell yourself. With a trillion dollars in student loan debt, these trade schools get you in the workforce faster and with more useful skills than a four year degree in liberal women’s studies.

“WORK is the thing you admire, LABOR is the thing you have to do” – Mike Rowe

“Work smart AND hard” – Mike Rowe works promotion poster

Glenn Beck has an internship program at The Blaze. He tells a story of how at one time they gave up on it. They kept getting interns that were worthless and lazy, but during the Mike Rowe interview, he found out that week they had this one intern that was walking 4.5 miles to a bus to go to work and then going right back around and going home the same way every day. He was amazed and wanted to shake the hand of this walking intern. Then there’s the dark side of jealousy and envy that many people feel and evil that a few will actually act out…


Well, in New York, five family members were found slaughtered in their home and the suspect was found and arrested. Then the story came out that he had killed all of them because he felt they had too much and they were too rich. Witnesses reported that he was a cousin that was staying with them. They were trying to help him out, but he had mental problems (you think?) and was lazy. He didn’t want to find work. Then there’s the story of a house fire that four little children died in, but what do you think the mother’s reaction was? Mourning her little ones, crying over their deaths? Nope… her biggest worry was whether she could still get food stamps! What the hell is wrong with you!

With this country’s food stamp population at 48 million and this program alone suffering a 60% fraud rate from everything from selling them for cash, drugs to booze, the biggest winners are the food and soda industries who get a big cut of the profits from your taxes. You have government officials going around door to door trying to sell food stamps to middle class homeowners and even going as far away as Mexico. What the hell does this have to do with pulling people out of poverty? The next government fraud program is Obamacare. It has nothing to do with health or care… it’s all about collapsing the current medical care system and the massive theft of your money through unconstitutional mandates. It doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court ruled on it, it’s still unconstitutional. They’re a group of old farts that need term limits.


One of the main reasons that the American cart is about to collapse is not just the increase of the welfare state or state aid or foreign aid or even corporate welfare… it’s the on purpose, from within destruction of the traditional system using the Cloward and Piven strategy. This was developed in 1966 by two radical leftist Columbia university Political Science majors. Their theory was that in order to replace the evil capitalist system without revolution, you had to slowly overwhelm the system from within, using the welfare state as your weapon of choice. You would get as many people as possible on the welfare dole until the system can’t sustain the cost and it would collapse on itself. Then and only then, could you replace the capitalist system with something more socialist. This is happening as we speak because that other guy is a student of their strategy and the 50% sheeple welfare class have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

Look at it another way:

You are a hard working guy pulling the cart and along the way down the road, you pick up riders. But they just sit there and eat your food. They don’t get a job and they sleep on your bed. You pick up more and more riders. The cart starts to get crowded and the axles start to strain and creak, then cracks on the wheels start to show up. Then one day, CRASH! The cart collapses under the weight of all the riders you took in and now it’s destroyed. So, you have no cart to pull you. You pack up and leave the riders alone with a shattered cart. Then a person comes along and sees the collapsed cart. They tell the riders that it is okay. He and he alone can transform the cart into a better cart, doing so off the sweat of others brows. He promises to give the riders the better deal and they don’t have to earn it. He rebuilds the cart… not with stronger bolts or nails, but with frayed rope and twine and says it is a better product than before.

America is now 17 trillion in debt. The welfare state is now one third of the GDP and we have a growing welfare sheeple state that can’t be sustained for long. We’ll be bankrupt as planned sooner rather then later. What should be done? I wish we could get Calvin Coolidge back. He would kick ass, take names and then cut both spending and government pay in half. He would then shut down unneeded agencies and sell off the assets of the shut down areas. Then he would sell all the land the government had taken over and let the national parks be privatized. As for us… we need to get to work and spend less money. Don’t go on welfare; be self reliant and independent and teach your children the same thing. Help them get their hands dirty. It will do them a world of good.


The British Government Should Embrace Genuine Intercultural Dialogue

By: Chris Knowles
Aeneas Lavinium

For many years I have been involved with the human rights group the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA). ICLA is concerned about how aspects of sharia law impact negatively on basic human rights. My own involvement was motivated by a concern that freedom of expression was under direct attack and in danger of becoming an irrelevant freedom. On the basis of this I attended my first political demonstration on 25 March 2006 – the March for Free Expression (MfFE). The way that the government of the day sacrificed freedom of expression at that time appalled me. As a result of the erosion of freedom of expression many social problems have being allowed to fester. If those in power had addressed the concerns of the MfFE at the time I believe that this could have been avoided.

I am a firm believer in dialogue, discussion and conflict resolution. In the last decade much fear has been allowed to build up due to an unwillingness to discuss important social issues. To some people discussion of such issues has even become taboo! People’s genuine concerns have been brushed aside and as a result fears have escalated and misconceptions and mistrust have grown. This situation cannot be allowed to continue and as a result of a recent initiative in the UK the British Government is in a unique position to start solving these problems.

The recent rapprochement between former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and Muslims from the Quilliam Foundation is something on which a new process of dialogue can be built. The Tommy-Quilliam (TQ) Process has the potential to bring a broad range of stakeholders together to solve many social problems and heal the divisions that exist in our society.

Successive governments in the UK have highlighted the importance of community cohesion. We are now presented with an opportunity to work to begin to make that cohesive society a reality. Government and civil society should come together to ensure that this opportunity is not missed.

I would therefore call upon the British Government to endorse the TQ Process and participate in it. If the British Government and civil society stakeholders can get together and participate in this process then positive results are certainly possible. This opportunity should not be missed.


Replacing God with Gov — OhMyGov!

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Cross-Posted at Right Wing News

What? You didn’t see this coming? The all powerful, ever expanding government is not so subtly easing the US towards a new religion that worships the state (big government), slyly replacing individualist religions with one sanctioned and approved by the powers that be — the change agents of collectivism and Marxism. Now where have I heard of this before? Oh, I remember!

In office, the Nazi leadership co-opted the term Gleichschaltung to mean conformity and subservience to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party line: “there was to be no law but Hitler, and ultimately no god but Hitler”. Nazi ideology conflicted with traditional Christianity in various respects. Nazis criticized Christian ideals of “meekness and guilt” on the basis that they “repressed the violent instincts necessary to prevent inferior races from dominating Aryans”. The Nazi-backed “positivist” or “German Christian” church sought to make the evangelical churches of Germany an instrument of Nazi policy.

The US government now is mixing religion, healthcare, social media, propaganda and the kitchen sink all together into a communist stew that promotes the health and well being of the collective. Witness the rise of social media data mining for information on health behavior. The message may be Marxist, but the machinery is more a product of the Goebbels approach to marketing:

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is “mining” Facebook and Twitter to improve its social media footprint and to assess how Tweets can be used as “change-agents” for health behaviors.

The NLM, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), will have software installed on government computers that will store data from social media as part of a $30,000 project announced last week.

“The National Library of Medicine is the world’s largest biomedical library and makes its stored information available online at no charge to consumers, health professionals, and biomedical scientists through a diverse suite of resources,” the agency said in a contract posted on Oct. 23. “Evaluating how its databases and other resources are utilized is an important component of continuing quality improvement and has long been an on-going program of NLM management through a potpourri of monitoring tools.”

“The world-wide explosion in the use of social media provides a unique opportunity for sampling sentiment and use patterns of NLM’s ‘customers’ and for comparing NLM to other sources of health-related information,” the agency said.

“By examining relevant tweets and other comments,” the contract said, “NLM will gain insights to extent of use, context for which information was sought, and effects of various health-related announcements and events on usage patterns.”

Specifically, NLM will look at the “value of tweets and other messages as teaching tools and change-agents for health-relevant behavior.”

“The overarching objective of these studies is to obtain a richer understanding of how consumers, clinicians, researchers actually look for the health-related information they seek, and what they do with what they find,” NLM said in a response to frequently asked questions about the project.

OhMyGov Inc., a media company that specializes in the promotion of government agencies, will be paid $30,660 to monitor social media for NLM for one year.

The company will install software on computers at NLM headquarters in Bethesda, Md. to “maintain a comprehensive ‘universe’ of social media data.” Government bureaucrats will be trained on the software so they can search the database for health-related content.

“Content from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites will be maintained by the Contractor and kept up-to-date in a timely manner and made available for query by Government,” the contract said.

Guess who OhMyGov Inc. is funded by? The National Science Foundation. It is also a member of Obama’s Startup America Initiative.

“The OhMyGov Media Monitoring and Policy Analysis system is the first and only business intelligence software completely politically focused,” according to the company’s website. “It provides real-time data mining, analysis, and visual analytics to uncover patterns in message uptake and critical insights into how issues are being characterized by Congress as well as the media, public, and key stakeholders.” So, they are actively spying on us, tracking us and storing data to use against us. It’s not paranoia if they are really after you.

This Obamacare monster is just clearing its throat. The government wants to know all about your health-relevant behavior, so they can take care of you. Isn’t that sweet? Not. ‘Take care of you’ can have multiple meanings. In this case, think Progressive mafia.

OMG just took on a whole new meaning and it isn’t good. Instead of looking to God and relying on ourselves, the nanny state will now force us to rely on the government. OhMyGov is a blatant attempt to replace God with government in the American psyche and to watch everything we do and say — it’s for your own good don’t cha’ know. It is the epitome of political bias, data manipulation and propaganda. How very sieg heil.