One thought on “The New Black Robe Regiment

  1. The Wallbuilders name popped up in a couple of different items I was reading over the past couple of weeks and out of curiosity, decided to try and find out exactly who and what this organization is. A google search easy enough led me the website, and after looking it over, noticed a side bar item entitled The Black Robe Regiment …. having never heard of The BRR, I clicked on it and found an interesting and enlightening read, much like your video here. I do think the Wallbuilders founder and the man in your video are two different individuals however.

    The history of BRR also includes a search form so that you can find a Black Robe Ministry in your area. Still not sure who and how they are all connected, but something I think we’re definitely going to be seeing and learning more about in the days to come.

    Sharing as I thought you might be interested, and sharing FYI (in case you didn’t already have this) in case you wanted to do further research.

    Thanks for all you do here!
    Regards ~

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