Miss Duck Dynasty? Try QUACK DYNASTY with the Obamas

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Since A&E’s Duck Dynasty proved to be a lot more popular with Americans than their messianic president, the A&E Network is now working on a substitute series that will be just like the indefinitely suspended Duck Dynasty, only with the Obamas – a progressive Washington family running a growing government business out of the White House while pretending to have American values.

David Axelrod says about the new show, “If this doesn’t improve the President’s failing ratings, nothing will.”

2 thoughts on “Miss Duck Dynasty? Try QUACK DYNASTY with the Obamas

  1. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Quack Dynasty with the Obamas. And when.are they.going to try.and.do the people’s business.
    They are overexposed now. Who in their right minds would watch that shit..how stupid cab A&E be. Duck Dynasty will continue only on another network. Why not just get a bunch of gays together and let them run around being gay. They would have a better chance than the Obamas. Here put Barack on and have him explain and show his birth certificate and explain where he bought his S’S number. Call it the Impeachment hour and don’t forget smiling Michellle…..Bahahahahah. what a fucking joke you bunch of assholes.

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