One thought on “No Confidence

  1. Thanks for your candid talk. I love the name “Nut Bis-kits”. Americans are definitely in a most strange and unusually uncomfortable position of having to decide whether the gift of our Republic and Constitution are worth the fight to maintain. None of us ever, ever could have foreseen a day like we are experiencing, and if our fellow citizens do not stand and shout “I’m as mad a hell, and I won’t take it anymore” I fear this great experiment in freedom and government will become a mere memory. Thanks for your stand. Thanks for your candor. Major General Vallely demonstrated strength in character and leadership by the actions he has taken, and his plans to continue. Keep fighting the good fight! We and our beloved Nation are in a fight till death with “Nut Bis-kits” who detest America and all she represents. May the Lord bless and keep you as you continue forward. LYLE –

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