Blaming the victim, with the best of intentions

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By: Rob Miller
The Times of Israel

It’s been said with a great deal of truth that the way to Hell is paved with good intentions. Equally true is that your friends can do you far more harm than your worst enemy, even without perhaps realizing it.

Judea Pearl is the father of murdered reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded by jihadis in Pakistan in 2002, and who now dedicates himself to the Daniel Pearl Foundation and the mission self-described on its website, which is “to promote mutual respect and understanding among diverse cultures through journalism, music, and dialogue.”

Recently, he commented on the boycott of Israeli academics and universities by the American Studies Association (ASA). And for all his obviously good intentions, those comments show that Judea Pearl has unfortunately swallowed a healthy dose of anti-Israel narrative, whether he realizes it or not. Parsing this is valuable as a teachable moment, because he’s not alone.

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