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Nowadays there are a great number of articles related to essay writing. Some of them refer to tips on how to write a good essay, others tell you how difficult the writing process is.

Writing is, in fact, a difficult process. A lot of information should be gathered, read, filtered and finally inserted into your essay. Another challenge is to properly cite all the used information in order not to plagiarize. Well, one can find a lot of useful links on the Internet regarding all these challenges. One of the most helpful websites is, which has a great deal of useful information on the subject.

Let’s talk about the challenge of writing a modern essay. Why is it considered modern? How does modern writing differ from writings of the past?

In my point of view, modern writing means your personal writing. You should show not only your thinking or ideas, you should develop your own style of writing.

Of course, you cannot gain that ability by writing one or two papers; this ability requires practice. When you start writing, write anything that comes to your mind, don’t be afraid. You will revise and proofread the paper multiple times. When thinking about what to write, you may miss a good idea. But when you write ALL your thoughts, you will later figure out what ideas are to be deleted and what ideas are to be elaborated upon.

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of words

Your paper should be colorful, with lots of adjectives in order to make the sentences rich. No one wants to read boring sentences. If your sentences are rich, the reader’s imagination starts working.

Once the paper is done, read it aloud and you will be able to see if your sentences should be enriched further. It is very important though, to find the golden medium.

Good luck with your writing and don’t forget to practice. Practice makes perfect.

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