4 thoughts on “Benghazi Cartoons In Foreign Papers

  1. What a pitty our beloved Country has fallen into such uncaring hands! There has never been such a shameful dereliction of duty on the part of an administration in my memory. Both Hillery Clinton and Obama should be prosecuted for the murders of our Embassador and our 3 brave seals. They are both despicable! I wouldn’t want either of those two to pick up the phone at 3:A.M.!!!

  2. I Don’t think Obama cares or thinks anything but golf and gays. The men that died on that day are far better then he is and his day of reckoning will come I don’t know how he lives with his self but he’s Muslem and that explains it all. It was a cover up and I think it will come out when we lease expect it too.

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