EXCLUSIVE: Former NSA Employee Speaks Out About its Corruption

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

NSA whistleblower, anonymous

National_Security_AgencyAt the very least, for the past few months to a year it has become increasingly evident that–although not all–many agencies of the US Federal government have become increasingly dirty, perverse and corrupt and require a deep and thorough cleaning. The US Secret Service has previously been exposed as “including claims of involvement with prostitutes, leaking sensitive information, publishing pornography, sexual assault, illegal wiretaps, improper use of weapons and drunken behavior” and the IRS was caught and admitted to denying Obama’s political enemies (aka “TEA Party, Christians, religious Jews, conservatives) their Constitutional rights while allowing “progressive” groups (aka liberals, leftists, Marxists, Maoists, socialists, communists) theirs. And–love him, hate him or fall somewhere in-between–Edward Snowden shined a very bright light on the unconstitutional domestic mega-spying of one of these clandestine agencies–the National Security Agency. Thus far, under Obama’s increasingly iron rule, few-to-no members of these agencies have even been indicted by Congress for their blatant crimes against the American people.

The NSA appears to have begun as a patriotic organization that was geared toward protecting the USA and its citizens. Whether or not that was its original intended purpose is a subject for discussion and speculation. However, portions of the NSA seem to have devolved into something very sinister. Today’s interview will concentrate on this agency.

A few weeks ago, I came into contact with a former NSA Analyst. Due to a number of substantive reasons, this former Analyst’s identity cannot be divulged at this time and will be referred to as “W.” I have, however, confirmed this individual’s prior employment and credentials via a well-known NSA “Whistleblower.” The information disseminated to me, amongst other things tells a sordid story of corruption and how employees are silenced into submission–via fear–within the agency,

The Interview

Sher: Thanks so much for being with me, today, in order to provide essential additional information to the public on how many of their tax dollars are really being spent. You were employed by the NSA for over two decades. Would you tell the readers what initially attracted you to the agency as well as how it has deteriorated over time?

W: Like many people from families with a strong history of serving our country, coming out of college, I looked to find a way to best utilize my particular interests and talents in service to my fellow Americans. The mission of the NSA it seemed to me, was to stop threats coming to our shores. It’s charter clearly targeted foreign nationals on foreign soil who did or could intend us harm. That appealed to me as a righteous endeavor and honorable tack for my life to take.

Sher: You’ve shared with me how the NSA deals with its employees who bring legitimate complaints to their superiors. How thoroughly intimidating and threatening are their behaviors toward those who balk at their adverse treatment? Would you give a few examples?

Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden, now with the Chertoff Group

W: Apparently the nature of NSA Security degenerated under General Michael Hayden, the previous Director of NSA (DIRNSA), who promoted a very questionable mid-level Security manager to a power position within Security. Hayden had originally been tasked to eviscerate NSA since a very shallow and short-sighted Congress believed that the fall of the Iron Curtain meant no danger existed anywhere anymore that required the existence of a robust NSA presence. There evolved, under him, a gratuitously vicious bully mindset that employees were to be intimidated at any opportunity not only to drive them out of NSA but to cut back on people reporting problems that made NSA look bad, especially problems involving upper management.

Under Hayden and his successor, General Keith Alexander, the filing of complaints to or requests for investigations by the NSA EEO or the OIG (Office of the Inspector General) were often inexplicably blown off despite adequate evidence or the presence of willing witnesses. Then the person who had filed the complaint would be subjected to an out of cycle “reinvestigation” interview with Security as well as polygraph exam, wherein the tone of the Security person was not neutral–as it should be–but, hostile with far-fetched or even ridiculous non-issues presented as potentially problematic. This was a Security shot across the bow to warn the person that he had crossed the line by filing the complaint. If he pursued the complaint, Security would lean on his managers to heavily discourage him from doing what he thought was proper and was indeed a protected action under the law. If he persisted, did his own amateur investigation, or told coworkers about the situation, he might be called down to Security multiple times and accused of being “paranoid and delusional” based on his complaint, and his job threatened.

The worse the infraction reported, especially if a high level manager looked to be involved, the more severe the reaction by Security. In cases of egregious wrong-doing by a manager, Security would review the personnel files, medical files, and financial statements to find anything they could use to threaten or blackmail him with, or pretend to misinterpret some tidbit of information as something it was not.

Some people were forced to sign admissions of guilt of preposterous misinterpretations of facts in order to keep their jobs, thereby killing their credibility and complaint. When nothing was found in such files that could be used, a false accusation of espionage or leaking classified materials ginned up by Security, was used to justify a Security intrusion into the person’s home to search for blackmail material, further assess the interests and personality of the targeted individual (TI), and plant bugs and abscond with an extra set of keys for further intrusions. The more the person objected to being bullied, the more heavy-handed Security became, insisting that hostility toward them indicated wrong-doing on the TI’s part. Thus the TI would become harried and harassed for a crime he never committed, if it ever even was committed, and to repeated accusations by Security Psych services of a non-existent mental illness, more than adequately supported by years of internal, psychological evaluations stating he was mentally sound (Paranoia with delusions is rare and certainly never occurs overnight, but that does not deter a Security psychologist attack dog, whose favorite mode of attack employs reference to this malady).

The more a person stood his ground, the more “personal” it became to Security, which then became dedicated to the personal destruction of the TI. Under the pretext of the fake accusation of espionage or leaking classified information, Security would slander the individual with his coworkers, work friends and managers to isolate him and apply yet more pressure. Many backed away from supporting the TI in fear for their careers and maybe even freedom. Certainly this sent a message to the workforce in the TI’s area that NSA Security was at its essence, a rogue, unaccountable and psychotic entity that was to be greatly feared.

Once NSA Security had decided upon the removal of the TI for failing to be sufficiently cowed, then false evidence was given to the FBI liaisons assigned to NSA. This would engender a fraudulent FISA warrant, which loosed FBI surveillance and investigators upon the person for a few weeks or months, further slandering him to his work and social circles and thereby putting pressure on him by their constant presence. When the FBI would find no basis for the accusation, they would drop the case and move on. However, at that point, Security would send in their own personnel sans warrant, to overtly stalk and harass the TI , 24/7. In some instances, Security has even gone into the person’s neighborhood to recruit “snitches” and augment harassment with hostile civilians convinced the TI is an enemy of the state, based on baseless Security slander. Intrusions would be made into his home to remove gathered evidence or move things around as a psychological ploy and his car would be secretly “GPS’d” to facilitate vehicular stalking and aggressive driving games. There have even been reports of pet murders by poisoning as an escalation of the harassment with the inferred threat that perhaps it could be the TI’s child or himself next. The harassment is essentially elevated until the TI either “breaks” and assaults a harasser or complains to Security about the insane and sadistic, not to mention criminal way in which he is being mistreated. This is what Security planned for and is ready to jump on as their springboard to terminating his employment.

His security clearance is immediately pulled, he is warehoused in a menial job until adequate paperwork and a back-story can be fabricated or forged to falsely present a termination due to mental instability or illness, and the person is fired. Of course there is an appeals process, but it is thoroughly corrupted. No matter how much evidence supports the victim and how little supports NSA, NSA always “wins” these cases where it is clear the person was targeted for dismissal. Of course, this does nothing but embolden more degenerate or criminal behavior while making it clear that the person reporting evil will be considered the problem, and that in reality no labor laws or whistle protection laws can actually protect an NSA employee, because real watch dog entities don’t exist within NSA and state and Federal authorities routinely turn a blind eye to the reported abuses even as they become more criminal and seditious.

usintelligenceI shake my head at sycophant, disingenuous politicians who claim Edward Snowden could have or should have gone through “proper internal authorities” to report the abuses and criminal acts being committed within NSA. Would that be to the thoroughly corrupted, attack dog-watch dog entities, or the thoroughly oblivious or compromised politicians responsible for oversight who are in fact, in the NSA’s pocket due to bribery, blackmail or stupidity?

Sher: The NSA seems to suffer from the some of the same maladies as did the recent outing of the Secret Service. Without becoming too specific, would you give us a general idea as to advancement for sexual favors that have occurred within the agency? How defeating is that to employees who are simply working to protect the country while their bosses are indulging in sexual liaisons with lower level employees?

W: In my career, promotions were always hard to come by, meted out perhaps every five years if you were a good or exceptional worker, but male managers discovered that they held the keys to paradise in regard to attractive or even “acceptable” women willing to take shortcuts. These were the women who would make promotions in stunningly rapid succession with little to no accomplishments – of their own, that is. While others killed themselves with years of grueling shift work or even multiple dangerous foreign assignments only to find themselves evaluated as a 3.6 on a scale of 5, when an attractive, morally loose recent college graduate would receive a 4.8 for essentially alphabetizing a shelf of reference books her first 6 months on the job. This made many, many people bitter and certainly sent the wrong signal to the hardest workers and the most talented. Though many stopped being as dedicated to their jobs, others did indeed press ahead and worked tirelessly knowing their reward was the mission accomplished and not likely appropriate recognition. Capable men despaired of receiving deserved promotions and women almost feared being promoted for exceptional work, fearing they would be assumed to be one of the typically incapable promotion bimbos among the bloated management. Expertise and knowledge became commodities to guard and not share with new workers, fearing you would not reap the benefits of your own work. This of course created a situation where expertise and insight must be gained and regained from scratch, losing precious time training up area or target experts to the detriment of the mission.

It was very discouraging to see immature or degenerate bosses spending their time flirting and chasing skirts, the very same people who were charged with competently reviewing your work, (keeping apprised of the big picture so people felt free to specialize their research), and whose responsibility it was to accurately and honestly represent their people before promotion boards. But the atmosphere of secrecy, the strict laws about divulging names of NSA employees or anything that occurred there, emboldened certain men to believe that their wives and families would never know of their indiscretions, and turned work time into play time for them. And now apparently young males are also being pursued as sexual toys. One has to wonder what is being missed in the realm of highly perishable intelligence leads by distracted managerial incompetents.

Sher: As an additional example of NSA intimidation, one of the things you’d said may be shared is your experience with the “3 Amigos.” Would you tell us about them?

W: There were three eccentric looking older males who were often seen in the NSA OPS1 cafeteria together, whom we also got to know by word of mouth, as master electricians well-versed in computer science. They were nicknamed by some in the analyst field as “Rasputin”, “Santa”, and “Choo Choo” or “the engineer”, due to their highly unusual appearances and dress. One eye witness being harassed on yet another NSA Security retaliatory witch hunt, reported seeing one of these men at her home, on her property, when she discovered indications that her home had been broken into, her cable box broken into, and her phone hacked, leaving tell-tale clicking sounds at regular intervals whenever she used her phone. Any phone tap done by warrant is done at the carrier’s hub under their auspices and will not “click”, only illegal hack jobs “click”. She noted him not only as a trespasser being somewhere he should not have been, but recognized him by his highly unusual appearance from work. When she attempted to look him up in the NSA data base by career specialty, she found that what should have been his photo, which should have been a source of pride since he was of the rank to be a Flag Badger (Manager whose rank is senior enough to garner a photo with the American flag in the background), was instead a photo of a desert animal called a Meercat indicating that he wanted his identity hidden from the general NSA population.

Sher: With regards to many who have said that the NSA’s collection of meta-data on all forms of communication between legal citizens of the USA is unconstitutional, also indicated is the fact that not one terrorist act has been stopped by said collection. It appears good old-fashioned police work is what still gets the “perp.” In your opinion, is this accurate?

W: I think it is indeed true that the meta data collection ruse within the USA distracts from tried and true research and investigation, which the latter method apparently did indeed uncover the 9/11 plot months before it happened, well in time to have prevented it, according to two separate analysts with whom I have spoken, one just two days after 9/11 as he broke down and sobbed his heart out, repeating “We could have saved them! We could have saved them! But they wouldn’t let us report it!”, and the other several years later, who maintained the same story of being threatened and forbidden to report any warning about 9/11, then being harassed and fired for a non-existent mentally illness. However, it is a good means to track your political enemies and detractors and their affiliates within the US – for future reference? It would appear much more for the self-preservation and expansion of NSA as the ubiquitous Orwellian Big Brother than for the protection of the USA. With the power the NSA wields, it could easily influence border control issues and immigration issues to make us not as susceptible to terrorist intrusions and infiltrations, but that would undermine their power grab and expansion within the US, something never intended at NSA’s creation – and for good reason.

Sher: As a former long time employee of the NSA, what do you believe–if anything–can be done to correct the problems within the agency?


Director of National Intelligence James Clapper before the Senate Armed Services Committee, AFP photo

W: There is no doubt that NSA is now run by those sycophants and sociopaths who are the least desirable to have in any position of such sensitivity and trust and are purging NSA ranks of people with integrity. Compromising activity that would rightfully cost you your clearance, is now viewed as intrinsic perks of the job once you reach a certain pay grade. These lesser leaders have turned NSA into an American Gestapo Wanna-Be agency. NSA lost its way with non-serious super grade playboys not mature enough for the responsibility of the job of managing and directing NSA, compounding the problem by promoting sycophants to protect their backs as well as lightweights with whom to have “sexcapades” behind office doors, but in that group also has risen opportunistic sociopaths and psychopaths attracted to more and more power, any way they can get it, and by conniving and ruthlessness have blown past incompetent, distracted management to change the very nature of the NSA from watchman to the American people to jack booted prison guard.

If the Legislative Branch is possessed of anyone with the least bit of courage and common sense, they would demand super clearances for those on the Intelligence Oversight Committees so that years or decades of abusive behaviors, kingdom building, or even crimes can not continually be swept under the rug by telling these particular politicians, “You don’t have the need to know, just trust us.” Obviously, they cannot be trusted. An appointment to that Committee would of course have to become much more exclusive, requiring a thorough vetting as any job with a Top Secret clearance should. But to deal with the toxic management at NSA now, I would require every Flag Badger and Security manager to account for himself and what he adds to the mission. If he is pork, retire him or require him to laterally transfer to another agency. Before that however, I would require that every single Flag Badger and every Security group manager take a polygraph by non-NSA affiliated or non-NSA sympathetic sources to account for the millions of dollars wasted on their vicious and illegal war on NSA employees who dutifully report fraud, waste, abuse as well as sexual predation and treason. Those who are found to be guilty of such things as falsifying accusations against innocent employees; fabricating false witnesses and evidence; engaging in illegal acts of breaking and entering; falsifying FISA warrant justifications; lying to the FBI about a targeted victim’s criminality; falsifying psychological assessments; subverting lie detector exams by screaming at the targeted subject during or just before the exam to create false impressions of guilt; hiding or destroying exonerating evidence supporting their victims’ claims; intimidating or roughing up witnesses; coordinating or participating in criminal stalking and harassment activities, illegal break-ins, illegal wire taps, organizing and paying civilian groups under the table to augment harassment of targeted employees, and lastly, conspiring to effect or cover up any or all of these actions. And any NSA employee in that group who pleads the 5th, should be fired and stripped of his retirement since this type of betrayal rots a country from within. NSA must be recreated, and returned to the stated task in their founding charter of focusing on foreign enemies overseas.

Sher: W, so much of the information you’ve provided is truly astounding! Thanks so much for being with us today and I hope you’ll be available for another should ongoing events require one.

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Agenda 21 Research: Long-Sought Control of Natural Resources and Minds Through Socialism, Marxism, Communism

By: Maggie Thornton
Maggie’s Notebook

I have a wonderfully informative slide presentation for you that documents just about everything you didn’t know about Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development,” and confirms everything you do know about Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development.” It is detailed, yet easy to read and understand, and should be a handy tool in your arsenal against the long-sought control of our natural resources and our minds. If you have friends or contacts in your city government or schools, please consider sharing this presentation with them. I have outlined a few points to demonstrate the depth of the material. See information about the author below.

Crimes against humanity are being executed, right here, right now, in your state and city. Click here, and then click through the slides at your own pace.

In the slide presentation you’ll find:

1) A “Time Line” starting in 1840. Connections to the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin, and an early text book that may have schooled Saul Alinsky.

2) The Federal Reserve and the Carnegie Foundation getting involved.

3) Shocking ties to the Supreme Court and early communist influence on American jurisprudence.

4) A three-time Prime Minister of Norway, at the same time Vice President of the World Socialist Party, later Director of the World Health Organization, who pushed the agenda forward.

5) Remember Oil for Food and the Saddam Hussein connection? A reminder of a “sustainability” tie.

6) Creating Crisis, Reinventing Government and Removing Rights; Our Common Future

7) The Earth Charter — The Fine Print; New World Religion

8) Communism, morality and language

9) Pre-Engineered Solutions to the Non-Crisis by the Designers Waiting for the Right Moment

Author’s note: This single step, unseen or heard by citizens, radically changed the Federal Agencies available actions toward oppression of citizens of the United States. As well, President Obama has written some 113 Executive orders, may directly threaten citizen safety and constitutional rights.

10) Packaging the crisis for Public Acceptance — The National Earth Charter — private statements: “Christianity is our foe….”

11) Crisis claims stated in public by the designers of Agenda 21

12) Driving the crisis – “No matter if the science of global warming is phony”…(who said that?), “The Data doesn’t matter”…(who said that?), “Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty”…(who said that?).

13) Oregon: The use of philanthropic organizations to achieve global political and economic structure started in 1908.

14) Agenda 21, public statements on “Social Justice.”

15) Marxism: Social Equity, Collectivism, Repression of Society, Redistribution and Eugenics

16) Agenda 21 targets ski runs, livestock, floor tiles, golf courses, pipelines and much more.

17) The global economy will be run by a World Central Agency (dictators). Just one mission, collapse the global economy. Make it as bad, and as long as it has to be to gain compliance.

18) J. Edgar Hoover on Communism

To begin the presentation, click here.

The author, Lt. Robert K. Powell, Jr. is retired military. His ancestors came to America due to persecution in 1681 with William Penn. After the military, his work as an analyst, and his oath and dedication to his country, his wife, children and nine grandchildren led him to research the deep tentacles of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. (All rights to this material belong to Robert K. Powell and are linked here at his request and with his permission).

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Is Merger of Time Warner and Comcast a Good Idea?

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

While some groups such as Public Knowledge and Common Cause are concerned about the anti-competitive aspects of the proposed merger between Time Warner and Comcast, and how it will affect consumers, Accuracy in Media questions the impact this will have on news and information distributed to viewers. By putting Time Warner’s networks, CNN and HBO, under the control of Comcast, will it pull them even further to the left so that they come to resemble even more the outlook and agenda of MSNBC and NBC?

The two companies recently announced that they will be merging in an approximately $45 billion deal. “The merger will face regulatory review by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and probably the Department of Justice,” reports The Los Angeles Times. These reviews could take about a year. “The combined entity would control approximately 38 percent of the high-speed internet market, with 32 million customers,” reports the National Journal. “Consumers could face adverse effects including increased prices, slower data speeds, and more-limited programming offerings.”

Comcast, which owns NBC and MSNBC, has long since thrown in politically with the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. We have repeatedly demonstrated that MSNBC doesn’t Lean Forward, as their slogan claims. Instead, they Lean Left. Way left. MSBNC President Phil Griffin even went so far as to say that the news organization doesn’t have an ideology, just a “progressive sensibility” that guides their news-casting. When the far-left journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on MSNBC and remarked that the people on this news channel “defend President Obama and his officials and Democratic Party leaders 24 hours a day,” substitute anchor Kristen Welker inadequately replied, “Not everyone on MSNBC does that 24 hours a day.” Granted, not 24 hours a day. They do show endless re-runs of crime and prison shows on weekends.

Katrina vanden Heuvel, the leftist editor and publisher of The Nation magazine, and a columnist for The Washington Post, opposes the deal. In a Post column, she cites the size of the new company, and the potential for anti-competitive practices hurting consumers. But she also cites marketplace-of-ideas concerns: “The protection of free speech under our Constitution depends on citizens having access to many ideas, many sources, many ways of getting ideas and information. Letting mega-corporations consolidate control of key parts of the media infrastructure is a direct threat to that access.”

Is the Obama administration likely to approve the Comcast/Time Warner deal, just as it did the Comcast/NBC Universal deal? The answer is probably yes, if it sees the merger as being favorable to how they will be covered and treated by the new conglomerate. And a lot of people connected to the administration will profit handsomely as they go back and forth between the revolving door.

Not long after Comcast’s purchase of NBC Universal was approved by the FCC, Meredith Attwell Baker, “one of two Republicans on the five-member Federal Communications Commission” became “senior vice president of governmental affairs for NBC Universal,” reported The Washington Post back in 2011. “Comcast said it did not begin discussions with Baker about a possible job until after the transaction had closed,” reported the Post. Baker, an Obama appointee to the commission, had voted in favor of the merger, and then left after serving only two years out of a five-year term.

Comcast also apparently has lots of influential relationships with antitrust regulators. Lee Fang writes for the Republic Report that “The recently installed head of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division, William Baer, was a lawyer representing GE and NBC in their push for the merger with Comcast.” And, “Maureen Ohlhausen, one of four commissioners on the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees antitrust enforcement, provided legal counsel for Comcast as an attorney just before joining the FTC.” Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Joshua Wright is connected as well. “According to his disclosure, obtained by Republic Report, Wright was on a [Charles River Associates] team that had been retained to secure ‘antitrust clearance from the DOJ and FCC’ for NBC Universal’s merger with Comcast,” writes Fang.

We also know that Brian Roberts of Comcast held a party for the Obamas at Martha’s Vineyard in August 2011. And Comcast continues to allow the current MSNBC line-up to exist, and be mingled with NBC News, to create the propaganda arm of the Obama administration and the DNC. Now, add to that Time Warner, home to shows such as Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, a show devoted to vile bashing of all things conservative and Republican. Maher, a media fat-cat, bought access to Obama with a million dollar donation to a SuperPac in 2012, something he regularly brags about.

Turning over CNN to the same people who own and run NBC/MSNBC will be a fascinating experiment. CNN is now run by former NBC executive Jeff Zucker, who has been openly moving the network toward infotainment, and away from hard news. The three networks—one broadcast (NBC) and two cable news networks, which are in constant competition to be runner-up in ratings to Fox News—would have the same corporate owner, and their combined weight and influence could easily sway elections. All three are in the tank for Obama and the Democrats, so this should be viewed as if it were a SuperPac. If the past is a good indicator, this new conglomerate would certainly continue to ignore the many Obama administration scandals.

Surprisingly, Katrina vanden Heuvel also cites the coziness between the Obama administration and Comcast, and all that implies: “[Comcast’s] chief executive, Brian Roberts, has golfed with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard. Its chief lobbyist, David L. Cohen, raised $1.2 million for the president in a Philadelphia fundraiser in 2011.” He has also been a major bundler for Obama.

In addition, the recently confirmed FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, was the chief lobbyist for the cable industry before moving on to his new position. By the way, Comcast paid out $18 million to lobbyists in 2013 alone.

Currently, CNN does offer some diversity, in terms of news points of view, at least by comparison to MSNBC. If the content, particularly of CNN, starts to resemble even more the agenda driven, left-wing NBC/MSNBC conglomeration, the real losers will be the consumers of news. In that regard, this merger is a threat to the purpose of news networks: to provide unbiased information so that people have enough information to make informed decisions, and to fairly represent two or more sides of an issue, rather than be in the service of one particular political party’s agenda.

On the other side of the issue, Bloomberg Businessweek offers up a spirited defense of the merger, citing the claim that the two companies don’t compete for customers in any market, and that the economy of scale will better afford the new company—and the cable industry—a chance to thrive: “More important,” they argue, “both companies are limping along, victims of big changes in the television industry that may make them irrelevant within a decade.”

In the end, this is more about liberal fat-cats making a bundle of money and peddling influence—while the liberal media come together and cozy up under the same roof—than it is about free markets, anti-trust and competition.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and can be contacted at [email protected]. View the complete archives from Roger Aronoff.


My Meeting with Trevor Loudon

By: Brent Parrish
The Right Planet

This past weekend author and fellow Watchers’ Council alumnus Trevor Loudon was here in Indianapolis to speak before the Indianapolis TEA Party group. I have been wanting to attend one of Trevor’s Loudon’s presentations since Trevor started his book tours here in the United States a few years back.

I’ve been closely following Trevor Loudon’s itinerary, and was willing to make the trip to a neighboring State, if need be, to hear him speak. Recently I read that Trevor would be speaking in Evansville, Indiana, which is about a three-hour drive from where I live. I had even booked a hotel room for the trip. But then I noticed that Trevor Loudon would be speaking to the Indianapolis TEA Party on the north-side of Indianapolis just two days after his Evansville engagement.

Before I go any further, some of you may be wondering, just who is Trevor Loudon?

Trevor Loudon is a political researcher and author from Christ’s Church, New Zealand. He is also editor and founder of KeyWiki.org. One question Trevor is asked on a regular basis is why a New Zealander would care so much about American politics. His answer, in some ways, is quite similar to my own reasons and motivations for writing about American politics, despite the fact we live on opposite sides of the planet.

Trevor is intensely grateful for the sacrifices of the “greatest generation” during the Second World War; he credits the U.S. in saving his country when the Imperial Japanese Army was running roughshod across the South Pacific. Loudon is quite concerned about the inroads that communists and socialists have made into the Democratic Party in America, and the very real threat this poses to liberty, freedom and the unalienable rights of the individual. As Trevor states, “If America goes down, we all go down.”

I feel the same sort of compulsion to fight the radical left in the U.S. for many of the same reasons. There have been members of my family, like my Grandfather, who fought and sacrificed greatly during World War Two in defense of freedom and liberty. Anything that threatens the right of the individual to be free and to pursue happiness is anathema to me; it is the greatest threat, in my mind, to true peace and prosperity for all people around the world, not just Americans.

I had originally planned to write one article regarding Trevor’s speech to the Indianapolis TEA Party group and our conversation afterward. But I soon came to the conclusion that I would need to deal separately with both my meeting with Trevor Loudon and our one-on-one discussion that followed. So I will be writing another article that deals solely with Trevor’s Indianapolis TEA Party speech in the very near future, and will focus solely on what it was like meeting Trevor Loudon in this article.

When I first started reading up on Barack Obama several years ago, I became very concerned about the close ties and connections Barack Obama had to well-known communists and socialists, and the radical left in general. My fears were first confirmed, at least as far as I’m concerned, when I read a list of Obama’s White House Czars–the murky shadow government few of us ever read or hear about. The list of czars was chock full of anti-capitalists and gun abolitionists, among other far-left radical sorts, whose only ambition appears to be the usurpation of the U.S. Constitution in order to bring about their collectivist utopian vision. Ridding the U.S. of its Constitution is a necessary ingredient for the far-left, for the Constitution provides the greatest impediment to their goal of a collectivist society.

It was around this time that I stumbled onto an article by Trevor Loudon at Fox Nation–a news aggregation and opinion web site. When I started to read more of Trevor’s work and research on the radical left posted at his blog, I was jolted by the fact that the political situation on the left was far worse than I had ever imagined.

My fears were further confirmed when Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones, was outed as a self-avowed communist and forced to step down. It was Trevor Loudon who first broke the story, which was then picked up by Glenn Beck. Trevor Loudon was also the first person to make the connection to the character “Frank”–from Barack Obama’s autobiography Dreams From My Father–as none other than staunch communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Trevor’s work, in no small way, motivated me to start my own research into the radical left, eventually leading me to start my own blog. When I first visited Trevor’s blog, I noticed he was a member of a group of writers (blog ring) known as the Watcher’s Council. Every week the members of the Council submit their own article (council submission) plus an article of interest written by someone else (non-council submission). Each week the members of Council vote on both the council and non-council submissions and the winners are announced two days later.

I couldn’t help but want to be a part of the Watcher’s Council. But a slot must be open, and new members must be voted in. Amazingly, at the time I inquired into joining the Council, I discovered one of the members had recently retired from the group and a slot was indeed open. A vote was taken, and I’ve been a proud member of the Council ever since. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed being a part of such an esteemed group of writers. There’s nothing like peer review to improve one’s writing. Every one of the Council members has their own unique style and insight into current events. We have a great time sharing links, tips, stories, and even our own personal joys and struggles.

Naturally, I was quite excited to be part of it all. Admittedly, when I first became involved with the Watcher’s Council, I was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t hear much from Trevor Loudon. It certainly wasn’t the only reason I wanted to become a member. But being able to bounce things off of Trevor Loudon was certainly a motivating factor. But now I know why we haven’t been hearing much from Trevor these days; he was feverishly busy writing books, and was preparing to embark on an extended book tour here in the U.S.

Trevor Loudon and I had been exchanging emails for several years prior to my joining up with the Watcher’s Council. I would send Trevor tips, which he would then post to his blog from time to time. It was Trevor Loudon who posted one of my first politically related articles–a satirical piece about the raid on Osama’s bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan that examined what the liberal media might report if the president had been George W. Bush at the time. It seemed to be hit with some of Trevor’s readers and motivated me to continue writing.

One person that has also been an inspiration and a great friend (and fellow Council member) is Noisy Room’s Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. Terresa did a lot of work helping to format Trevor’s books, and also works daily keeping Trevor’s blog up and running; she assists with web administration at both trevorloudon.com and gulagbound.com. As Trevor says, “Terresa is a real champion for liberty.” When I haven’t been able to reach Trevor, Terresa has been kind enough to relay my inquiries to him.

When I read that Trevor Loudon would be in Indiana for his book tour, I decided to move heaven and earth to go see him. I was really hoping I would get an opportunity to possibly sit down with Trevor for a formal interview. I shot Terresa an email asking whether Trevor would be up for an interview. I received a prompt reply stating that, yes, Trevor would be willing to sit down with me following his presentation to the Indianapolis TEA Party group. I was thrilled. This would be the first time I had ever met the man in the flesh.

One of the Council Members, Tom White, from VAright.com had a chance to meet Trevor Loudon recently when he toured Virginia. Tom wrote a short piece about his meeting with Trevor Loudon and stated there were so many people wanting to speak to Trevor following his presentation that he only had the opportunity to shake hands. I was somewhat concerned I would only be able to do the same should I get the chance to meet up with Trevor. That’s why I now feel very fortunate that I actually was granted the pleasure of sitting down with Trevor and discussing a plethora of subjects related to the current political climate in America.

I arrived a bit early at the Knights of Columbus building on the north-side Indianapolis of before Trevor gave his speech. There was already a small crowd of people gathered around Trevor when I walked in the door. I patiently waited at the end of the line for the opportunity to shake his hand and introduce myself. When I finally got the chance, it was only a few minutes prior to the start of his presentation. He was very cordial and said he had been wondering when I might show up at one his events. But we didn’t have much time to converse before he took the podium.

Trevor then took to the “stage” and introduced himself to the Indianapolis TEA Party group. There was a pretty decent size crowd in attendance. During Trevor’s introduction, he actually called me out of the crowd, stating it was good to finally meet me; he told the crowd that we had been exchanging emails for years. I was really honored and humbled to be mentioned in his speech. I won’t soon forget that kind gesture.

Trevor spoke for a good two hours, including a question-and-answer period following his speech. Once again, after Trevor’s Loudon’s presentation, a line of people waited to meet Trevor Loudon. After a short while, the line cleared and I was able to speak to Mr. Loudon for a little while, along with another gentlemen who had a number of questions for our favorite New Zealander.

I started to think that my interview with Trevor might not happen. He had already spoken for a long time, and been busy all day with related engagements. So I asked Trevor if he would like to have breakfast in the morning. He agreed! Trevor said it would have to be early, since he had a couple of radio interviews and another speech to give the next day.

I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to sit down with a noteworthy author who had influenced my own work to a great extent. I made sure I had the correct contact information before I left the Indianapolis TEA Party gathering.

At six o’clock the following morning, I called Trevor. I told him I hoped I hadn’t awakened him. Of course, I had. But he was incredibly gracious and quite friendly about it all. When I asked Trevor for the address of where he was staying, he said he didn’t know. It was kind of funny. He’s been making so many appearances, and is in so many different locales around the U.S. on a daily basis, that all he knew was that he was in Indianapolis, Indiana, but not exactly sure where. Trevor said he would have to check the GPS in his car and call me back. Fortunately, Trevor was staying at someone else’s home that was not far from where I live, and not far from where he had given his presentation at the Knights of Columbus facility. I made arrangements to meet him there.

On my way, I was belatedly trying to decide where I would take him for breakfast. There really wasn’t much to choose that wasn’t out of the way. I passed a McDonald’s at the intersection near the Knights of Columbus. When I arrived, Trevor was sitting in his car checking his phone messages. We then hopped in my car and headed back to the McDonald’s I just passed on the way in. I told Trevor that I felt bad I couldn’t take him to a nicer place than McDonald’s fast-food restaurant, but he took it all in stride.

One thing Terresa Monroe-Hamilton had let me in on was the fact that Trevor Loudon loves steak. When we approached the counter to order our food, Trevor was intently scanning the breakfast menu. He then asked me if they had steak. I quickly noticed that McDonald’s does offer a steak biscuit, which he quickly ordered. Although I can’t tell you if it’s really steak or not, or even if he ate it all. If I ever get the chance to meet up with Trevor Loudon again, I feel obliged to take him someplace where we can have a real steak.

One of the things I always suspected, that if I ever had the opportunity to talk to Trevor Loudon, that we could talk for hours. And my suspicions proved spot on. My original intent had been to conduct a formal interview. But I think what ended happening was even better–much better. Our conversation started the moment he got in the car. When we finally sat down for breakfast, it was like talking to an old friend. It was really like a meeting between two kindred souls, and the discussion flowed freely. I had a list of carefully prepared questions, but a number of my questions had already been answered by the numerous radio interviews and videos by Trevor Loudon that I had pored over the past several months; but, in the end, it was more of an in-depth discussion between comrades.

It would be impossible to do justice to all of the subjects we discussed at breakfast on Monday. Although I will say this, both Trevor Loudon and I believe that the fall of Berlin Wall was just that: the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was just a structure that fell; it did not spell the end of communism. We both subscribe to the theories of Anatoliy Golitsyn, who refers to the end of the Cold War as the “phony downfall.” Trevor also told me he has spoken to Jeff Nyquist extensively on this matter as well. I will get into this subject in more depth in a later article. But, suffice it to say, communism is alive and well in our world today. One thing that Trevor often says during his speeches is the greatest coup of all time was when the devil convinced people he does not exist. Now, just replace the word devil with communism, and you’ll get my drift.

Trevor Loudon has spoken to well over two hundred TEA Party groups, and has done countless radio interviews. He has even appeared on Glenn Beck’s TV show a few times, and numerous times on Glenn Beck’s radio show. We just learned recently that Trevor is slated to appear on Glenn Beck’s television show again in the near future. The man is working tirelessly in an all-out effort to alert the American people about the very radical agenda of Barack Obama and his minions.

Trevor will be here in the States until April. He is granted 90-day work visas in order to conduct his book tours. Although Trevor often states that if he stays here past the ninetieth day, he will receive free healthcare, welfare and various other subsidies. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)

Trevor has a wife and two children in New Zealand. He’s left a lot behind in order to do what he is doing. But he believes in what is doing, as do I. My only question was, before I met him, is he the real McCoy? I can honestly say I truly believe he is the real McCoy. I found Trevor to be incredibly gracious and genuine person–very down-to-earth. He seemingly has an encyclopedic mind. I’m blown away by all the knowledge this man has acquired over his years of tireless research into communists, socialists, progressives and the International Left. It was just as I imagined: I could’ve talked to Trevor Loudon for hours … and we still wouldn’t have scratched the surface.

I know many people would like to sit down with Trevor Loudon for one-on-one conversation. I’m very honored and eternally grateful that I had the chance to do just that. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Trevor Loudon speak, I highly encourage you to make the time. Granted, the subject matter is not lighthearted, but rather grim. But it is of vital importance that liberty-loving Americans, and freedom-loving people all over the world, understand what they are up against, and what can be done about it.

Like the famous Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu so clearly laid out in his famous treatise The Art of War, one must define the enemy before victory can be achieved. If there was anybody whoever did yeoman’s work in defining the enemy, it is Trevor Loudon–a true scribe for liberty.