Time To Grow Up: The Nanny State Want You Enslaved Or Dead – Stop Running To Them!

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello! I know it’s been a while since you have seen me on here. Well, I haven’t been inspired as of late. I have been listening to all the whiny and prissy so-called militant special rights groups who are all over the news whining and bitching to the government to force businesses, large and small, to conform to their narrow, special standards instead of just moving down the street to a business that will gladly serve them. These militant groups are comprised of the spoiled brat liberal brigade, who think government really cares about their woes, when in fact, these groups foster the government’s use of them as a means to an end and then when everything is going right, they will be thrown aside or killed to prevent blow back.

Loesch On The Right Of Refusal

The current recipient of my conservative, woman crush is Dana Loesch, who just this last Friday on her BLAZE show had a rip out loud intro about this very subject. She exposed the militant hypocrites and the state stooges that cave in to their every whim, thinking that these groups won’t find out that they’re being used to end their own freedoms and liberty at the state’s hands. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just move on down the street to a business that would cater to them, instead of wasting tax payer money and a media PR whining campaign? That’s why the phone book was invented.

CANADA – An outraged lesbian, who wanted a manly hair cut, went to a Muslim-owned barbershop and was refused service because of his Sharia Law beliefs that teaches the devout that women and gays are not welcome in his business. Should she have moved along to the next business or should she have wasted time and money with a media promoted phony outrage?

MARYLAND – A Christian-owned bakery was forced by the state, against their beliefs, to bake a cake for a same sex couple they refused service to. They did give them a service referral for a another bakery and they were happy to help them out. But again, these militant whiners wanted to make a point and turn it into a clown show.

ARIZONA – a militant gay rights group wanted to have t-shirts printed out, so they went to a company that’s Christian-owned and operated. They refused, but again gave a business referral to another t-shirt company and even went so far as to make sure the other company gave the group the same low price they had given them. Again, they cried discrimination and filed a federal lawsuit with the help of the ACLU.

The Rights Of Business And The Rights Of The State


This is a common sign used by businesses and guess what? They have a right to do so. A legally operated business that’s run honestly can and should reserve this right and it’s no one’s right to force any business to do business with anyone they don’t wont to. It’s not like there’s only one bakery or barbershop in town.

If they don’t want business from gays, they don’t have to be forced by the state to do so. That constitutes slavery. I don’t care what political party you are in, slavery is slavery — either to the state or a group. The free market system, left alone, will always solve the problems of business and never the government or the state.

“Liberty and freedom means equal opportunity never equal outcomes.”

A Means To An Enslavement End

Come on GLADD or MDA or even PETA… do you really think that the government cares what your feelings are or what your imagined woes are? You are a means to an end and when you are no longer useful, you will be cast aside and imprisoned with the rest of us shlubs. If you think Obama cares what happens to the average American, you are seriously misled. He would, in reality, be telling you to go take a hike — leave businesses alone and go protest off a short pier. Obama sees you as a means to enforce his agenda and not yours. When was the last time any of you groups had an original thought that wasn’t Obama related? Your running and whining to the federal government has made you its slaves and you fall for it every time. You’re enslaved to your passions and a socialist geek in a suit. You have been suckered punched.

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