One thought on “CBS: Russian Troops Have Captured The Ukrainian Naval Headquarters In Sevastopol

  1. The Navy post was and has always been RUSSIAN.. Crimea is NOW part of Russia, so now the Ukrainians are the INVADERS here. NO bloodshed as reported by Reuters (owned by Soros) would like you to believe.
    Amazing how the U S misrepresents history and FACTS to make their case. I am SO tired of this play for power. WE are the aggressors. Ukraine has one of the largest military forces in Europe, and we are going to ‘step in’ with military assist??
    The location of Ukraine is sought after by EU, and the banksters. It is NOT a defenseless weak country.
    It does have a One Billion dollar bond due June 8 2014, and oh goody, USA stepped in to ‘save’ the little country. They also have a treaty with Russia for $15 BILLION in commerce agreements. Now China has stepped in with $15 Billion!
    Ukraine goes to the highest bidder..China and Russia want Eurasia Union but will do business with EU unless sanctions are too stiff. Russia is third in commerce with EU, just behind China and USA. It’s a POWER PLAY it is not about SAVING the little people!! China did NOT vote for sanctions on Russia in the U N Security Council.
    The BANKSTERS are playing one country against another. IF their side doesn’t win then they go to the next country and the next…get it!!

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