Victim of Sharia Tim Burton Speaks Out Following His Acquittal for Thought Crime

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Back in January our Victims of Sharia Action Network project highlighted the case of Tim Burton that illustrated the increased adherence to sharia principles by elements within the British State. Tim has since been acquitted following this vexatious litigation against him by the apparently politicized Crown Prosecution Service.

More recently we witnessed the system in action once again with the case of Paul Weston who was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill. The British State is clearly a repeat offender when it comes to these kinds of human rights abuses. The actions of its agents operating under its authority have now rendered the concept of freedom of expression meaningless, thus bringing it into line with iniquities of Sharia law.

In the following interview Tim talks about his recent bad experiences at the hands of the highly politicized British ‘justice’ system.

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