Democrats’ Immoral Approach to Minimum Wage

By: Lloyd Marcus

Thank God Obama and the Democrats’ attempt to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 per hour stalled in the Senate. http://onforb.es/1iAWgRd

Raising the minimum wage destroys jobs. http://fxn.ws/1u4R2R8 Democrats pushing for a higher minimum wage has nothing to do with improving peoples’ lives and everything to do with playing two cards, class envy and fairness, from their deck of hate inspiring cards to win votes.

How much can Mr Joe American grocery store owner afford to pay an unskilled worker just entering the work force? When government pulls an amount out of the air that it believes is a fair hourly wage and forces it on business owners, business owners are forced to make real world economic decisions.

So, rather than Mr Joe American grocery store owner hiring 5 kids for the summer to stack boxes and gather shopping carts in the parking lot, he only hires two kids or none and gathers the carts himself. Traditionally, as one’s knowledge, skills and value to a business increases, so does their pay.

Liberals argue that a family can not survive on minimum wage. News flash, a family is not suppose to survive on minimum wage.

My pet peeve with liberal’s and Democrats’ vision for America is that they always appeal to our lower nature. They gin-up hatred for people who have more than you. As a matter of fact, you have too little because others have too much. Therefore, it is only fair that we empower government to take their stuff and redistribute it to you.

Democrats and liberals say, hey, you want to kill your baby in the final month before birth, no problem. Shame on hateful Republicans and conservatives for trying to change your mind.

Democrats say do not be a sucker like those immigrants who follow the process, assimilate and become U.S. Citizens legally. Just sneak across our borders and we will roll out the red carpet for you.

In their tradition of lowered expectations and standards of behavior, Democrats are not concerned with encouraging employees to better themselves to increase their value to the business beyond minimum wage pay. Instead, with main stream media support, Dems sell the message that employers are mean greedy SOBs. Dems vow to force them to pay employees more money simply for showing up. After all, it is only fair.

Do you see the pattern? Democrats and liberals always encourage a lower behavioral standard and gin-up class envy, division and hate.

Democrats have the audacity to frame the minimum wage as a moral issue. I submit that the Democrats’ approach to minimum wage is immoral; totally based on a “gimme” mindset without giving a hoot about the employer or the business.

Remember the biblical tale of the talents (money)? Before leaving on a business trip, a master gave various amounts of money to three servants to invest. To one servant he gave 5 talents. The second he gave 2 and to the third he gave one talent. Both servants with 5 and 2 talents invested their master’s money, made a profit and were rewarded. The third servant who chose to remain at “minimum wage level”, buried his master’s money for safe keeping, earning nothing for his master. The master was extremely angry with him.

As a proud conservative, I wish to offer a powerful proven truth to young people entering the work force. Reject the Democrats’ low-rent manipulative you’re-a-victim class envy rhetoric regarding the minimum wage. You are so much better than who the Democrats think you are.

When you apply at Mr Joe American’s grocery store for a job, tell him you want to help make his store the most popular in town. Yes, I realize that may sound corny today. But, it works.

When you come to the business with an attitude of how can I be a blessing to Mr. Joe, you get blessed, promoted and paid. Perform on a level that there is a noticeable void when you are not there.

Several years ago, I worked in the art department of a TV station; a crew of six artists. Whenever our boss was unavailable, young Jeff voluntarily stepped up to deal with whatever. When Jeff was first to be promoted, jealous fellow artists murmured. They accused Jeff of being a butt kisser. The reality was Jeff earned his promotion; the difference between winners and whiny entitlement minded losers.

The secret to success is bringing an attitude of “how can I be a blessing” to every situation. Successful people provide or create goods and services that people want and or need. I am not suggesting that you will never encounter an abusive unappreciative boss. I am saying that bringing an attitude of how can I assist my employer to increase his bottom line and make his day a little easier will ultimately reap an employee great rewards.

Have you ever heard liberals and Democrats speak of giving to ones employer? I think not.

As is the case in most of what they advocate, the Democrats and liberals mantra is you’re-a-victim and you’re entitled. Now, gimme!

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


The Veterans Administration mandated “end of life” counseling 5 years ago. Now they’re using secret waiting lists.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

It is bad enough when the Dept. of Homeland Security labels returning veterans as potential domestic terrorists, it is unconscionable when those same veterans have to die waiting for treatment for up to a year at a Veterans Administration Hospital. So why must we think there is some sinister plot to thin out the ranks of our honored veterans? The clue may be that the same person is in charge and he has been promoting “end of life” programs for over 5 years.. The same VA Secretary, Eric Shinseki, who is being ordered by Congress today to investigate the current secret wait list scandal that surfaced at a VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona last week was the same person behind the mandatory distribution of the Veterans Administration -sanctioned “end of life” counseling program 5 years ago. That program used a handbook called “Your Life, Your Choices” written by a group formally known as the Hemlock Society.

Just to recap the story, here is a quote from the Daily Beast.

Does the V.A. Have More Secret, Deadly Wait Lists?
Jacob Siegel, May 8-2014

A single, secret wait list contributed to the deaths of dozens of veterans in a single VA hospital. Insiders say there could be many, many more such lists.

Outrage has been building since claims emerged last week that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment from a Phoenix VA hospital. A whistleblower who had worked at the Phoenix VA alleged that the facility placed veterans on a secret waiting list to hide the fact that they had even sought care. But in the furor over the latest revelations, an even larger and more serious problem may be getting lost. It’s likely that there are more secret wait lists concealing patient delays throughout the VA medical system, putting untold numbers of veterans in jeopardy.

Here is my blog post from 5 years ago.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

VA mandates “end of life” counseling

WSJ: Obama and Veterans Administration Secretary Shinseki now pressuring Veterans toward Euthanasia

The Wall Street Journal just published a shocking editorial written by a respected University President, confirming the Obama Administration is now using VA hospitals to order doctors to pressure all military veterans to sign “pull the plug” do-not-resuscitate orders, hastening their premature deaths through mandatory “end of life” counseling.

President Jim Towey of Saint Vincent’s College, founder of the non-profit “Aging With Dignity” and former White House Director of faith based initiatives, wrote a blistering expose entitled “The Death Book For Veterans,” revealing President Obama’s new Veterans Administration (VA) directive, presumably signed by VA Secretary, General (ret.) Eric Shinseki, which mandates all veterans’ primary care physicians must graphically discuss “end of life planning” with all VA patients (not merely those nearing death), and must refer them to “Your Life, Your Choices,” a book that openly encourages Euthanasia and was written with guidance from the group formerly known as the Hemlock Society. That same pro-suicide group now boasts on their web-site of directly leading the charge to ensure “end of life counseling” is mandated in the Obamacare bill, HR 3200.

On page 21 of the Shinseki-mandated Veteran’s Euthanasia book, all military veterans are encouraged to complete a checklist of various scenarios, to decide whether their own life would be “not worth living.” For example, the booklet asks veterans 7 questions pressuring veterans to sign a “living will” that authorizes doctors to terminate your life, if you are:

Living in a nursing home?

Being in a wheelchair?

Not able to “shake the blues?”

Ever heard anyone say, “If I’m a vegetable, pull the plug?”

No longer able to contribute to your family’s well-being?

Are you a severe financial burden to your family?

Do you cause severe emotional burden for your family?

“This hurry-up-and-die message is clear and unconscionable,” says Towey, “Worse, a July 2009 VA directive [presumably signed by Shinseki] instructs its primary care physicians to raise advance care planning with all VA patients and to refer them to ‘Your Life, Your Choices.’ [the Euthanasia booklet.] Not just those of advanced age and debilitated condition-all patients. America’s 24 million veterans deserve better.” Towey recommends a “five wishes” living-will document that does not pressure suicide.

But instead the Hemlock Society booklet is now MANDATED for doctor referral to all patients in all VA hospitals, heaping more evidence upon the growing list of proofs that the Obama Administration is LYING TO THE PUBLIC by denying their health care plan pushes Euthanasia on the elderly. They already do it today. Just imagine if ALL hospitals become government-run like the VA.

We all gasped when the federal government seized control of General Motors, and Obama effectively fired the Chairman and replaced the board with government bureaucrats selected by Treasury Secretary Geithner. Now Obama and his liberal Democratic House allies want to replace your doctors with bureaucrats, hasten grandma’s demise, abort and kill children in urban neighborhoods, cut doctors’ pay and control their religion, and transform Private hospitals into government-controlled atheist bureaucracies.

Does any of this remind you of Communism? Do not stand idly by and allow this. Write Congress to say, “no to Obamacare.” Will you? Then please forward this message to all your friends who care about our beloved country, especially those senior citizens who may be at greatest risk.

Please, take action right away to STOP this bill dead in its tracks!

Reference links to this story:

Wall Street Journal

“Your Life, Your Choices” can be downloaded from Life Issues.org here. Life Issues is NOT the organization promoting the “end of life” program, they are helping to disclose it.

Doctor Assisted Death (DAD) Won’t Work
by Philip G. Ney MD FRCP(C)

The Obama Administration is telling veterans they are a burden to society. A re-birthed document, “Your Life, Your Choices” is given to all Veteran’s Affairs (VA) patients, and is authored by a euthanasia advocate. Our 24 million veterans deserve better.
(Life Issues Institute, Facebook update from 8-24-09)
For a more detailed article, click here.
Read the pdf of “Your Life, Your Choices”

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.


The Silencing of American Christians

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I am bitterly disappointed in HGTV. They are arguably one of my very favorite channels. That they would bow to censorship, especially of Christians, boggles my mind.

Twin brothers, Jason and David Benham, were preparing to launch a show on HGTV this fall entitled: “Flip It Forward.” In the show, the brothers would be helping families in need to renovate their homes. But when their staunch Christian beliefs were brought into the limelight by Right Wing Watch, a hateful organization that targets conservatives, HGTV cancelled the show before it ever had a chance to air. Their crime? A strong stance against homosexuality, abortion and radical Islam.

The Benham brothers (Image source: CBN News)

Let’s turn this around for just a minute and play ‘wag the blog.’ If a Muslim says hateful things about Christians — anywhere in media — are they targeted? Nope, they are applauded and sometimes given their own network and/or show. If the homosexual movement comes out against Christians and makes inflammatory comments concerning their faith, are they held accountable? Nope — they are hailed as courageous, forward thinking, proactive against haters. See a trend here?

Why does the First Amendment apply to those on the Left, but not the Right? What’s next? Segregation for Christians? Separate housing… schooling… fountains… restrooms? Where does this end? It doesn’t, except with persecution, imprisonment and death. Evidently Christians are the equivalent of… take your pick of any persecuted section of society: slaves, blacks, Jews… and must be silenced. Shhh! Don’t speak or live your faith! By the narrowest of margins – 5 to 4 – the Supreme Court upheld praying in public this week. But think about this – it involves ‘Christian’ praying, not Muslim, Hindu, Satanic, etc. The silencing of Christian voices in America is in full swing and it will get much worse, I fear.

Right Wing Watch and People for the American Way are funded heavily by George Soros. They are constantly trolling for someone on the Right to attack and smear. This time, they smeared the twins because their father is a pastor. One who believes homosexuality and abortion are sins, and that radical Islam is evil. Right Wing Watch/People For the American Way and the Left don’t believe he has a right to publicly voice his opinions and that the perceived sins of the righteous father are the sins of the sons. Both boys have come out and stated they love everyone – they love gays and Muslims – they just don’t condone their lifestyles or beliefs. For that heinous stance, they are to be discredited and punished in the way that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was. Being a vocal Christian in America is beginning to be a very dangerous thing and they are to be hunted and summarily judged guilty of hate. These organizations that are going after the twins are all parroting each other with identical, scripted rhetoric. If you ask me, the hate shoe is on the other foot.

Right Wing Watch smears a good man:

“At least one of the Benhams is not just a real estate dealer but also a dedicated right-wing activist in the mold of his father, Flip Benham, who has headed the abortion-clinic protest group Operation Save America ever since it split from the militant anti-choice group Operation Rescue.”

So, Soros, the Left and Right Wing Watch/People for the American Way have made themselves the judge and jury of someone who opposes killing children in the womb. It’s a federal crime to kill a baby tortoise, but killing a human baby? Tres chic! Margaret Sanger would be soooo proud.

One of the twins, David, organized a 2012 Christian prayer rally called Charlotte 7:14 in 2012 — one that he spoke about in-depth with Christian radio host Janet Mefferd:

“We don’t realize that, okay, if 87 percent of Americans are Christians and yet we have abortion on demand, we have no-fault divorce, we have pornography and perversion, we have a homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation, we have adultery,” David Benham said in the radio interview after the prayer event. “We even have allowed demonic ideologies to take our universities and our public school systems while the church sits silent and just builds big churches.”

Benham went on to say that the Charlotte 7:14 event was an opportunity to admit that there is hypocrisy in Christian churches and for believers to ask for God’s forgiveness for “allowing these things in the house of God.”

The family has also been criticized for its staunch opposition to the Ground Zero mosque and for claims made about the Islamic faith.

Benham is right and he has the courage and fortitude to live and speak his faith. The Left hates him for it. They hate what is moral and right in the eyes of Christianity. Our churches are in grave danger and we have turned from God. We need more like him speaking out, not less. And our Constitution is supposed to guarantee him that right. No one should lose their livelihood because of their faith.

HGTV has the right to hire and fire who they want. It is their network. The Benhams have said if their belief in Jesus Christ cost them a show, then so be it. I only wish there were millions more like them — those who were strong enough in their faith and their beliefs to stand no matter what. They follow in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers.

I would have enjoyed the show and I am sure millions of others would have too. It’s HGTV’s loss:

The father and the sons, as well as their family are following their faith. To support them, visit #FlipThisDecision and sign the petition:

The brothers have released a statement:

The first and last thought on our minds as we begin and end each day is; have we shined Christ’s light today? Our faith is the fundamental calling in our lives, and the centerpiece of who we are. As Christians we are called to love our fellow man. Anyone who suggests that we hate homosexuals or people of other faiths is either misinformed or lying.

Over the last decade, we’ve sold thousands of homes with the guiding principle of producing value and breathing life into each family that has crossed our path, and we do not, nor will we ever discriminate against people who do not share our views.

We were saddened to hear HGTV’s decision. With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals. If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.

HGTV has no comment. Duck and cover, right guys? I am sure they are fully aware the twins were the victim of a highly organized and connected smear campaign:

He continued: “We were told by someone close to us, in a high place, ‘You and your brother at this point have an image problem’ — and we need to rebuild our image,” David Benham told Deadline. “A smear campaign was run, and Jason and I are not going to try and correct a smear campaign.” He said he and his brother will “be a voice for truth and help those people that are intimidated by these folks, if that rebrands our image, so be it – but that’s not our goal.”

Appeasement is the norm these days. Appease the homosexual movement, radical Islamists, terrorists — anyone and everyone, but Christians. Because we can’t have morality and goodness stand in America, evidently. But we can sure reenact Satanic rituals at Harvard and work at getting a statue of Baphomet a position in the Capitol of Oklahoma.

In the end this is a Constitutional issue. Christians are being denied their rights across the board — in the public square, media, politics, schools and even their own churches. Freedom should be for all in this country, not just the currently politically correct.

So, I ask HGTV… since you allow homosexuals in many of your episodes, why are you banning Christians? Do you have any regard for the First Amendment? Or is it more politically expedient to silence American Christians?


The Council Has Spoken!! This Weeks’ Watcher’s Council Results – 05/09/14

The Watcher’s Council

Game of Marxist Turkeys – Quislings of the West Wing

He certainly has time to do an elaborate ‘selfie.’ A pity he had no time to save four good men in Benghazi.

Alea iacta est… the Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and we have the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

“Murder most foul, as in the best it is; But this most foul, strange and unnatural.” – Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Act I Sc V

“They sent forth men to battle, But no such men return; And home, to claim their welcome, Come ashes in an urn” ― Aeschylus, Agamemnon

“It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.” – Miccolo Machiavelli

“There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” – Proverbs, 6:16-19

A few Council members weighed in this week on the new revelations about the Benghazi scandal that prove beyond a doubt that the president and numerous members of his regime deliberately lied to the American people to protect the president’s re-election.

This weeks’ winning Council piece, Joshuapundit’s The Shameful Stench Of Benghazi Continues is my reaction. Here’s a slice:

Both the White House and House Democrats signaled very clearly today that they have no intention of cooperating with the House Select committee investigating Benghazi.

Here’s House Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, saying that House Democrats will refuse to participate in the Select Committee because it’s a ‘colossal waste of time’ and a partisan witch hunt.

And (what a coincidence) Here’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

“We have always cooperated with legitimate oversight,” Carney said this afternoon during the daily White House briefing. Asked whether the panel qualified as “legitimate,” he said: “I think if you look at what even some Republicans have said, it certainly casts doubt on the legitimacy of an effort that is so partisan in nature.”

“You know, at some point, you just have to assume that Republicans will continue this because it feeds a political objective of some sort,” he added. “At the same time you have to ask, ‘What about the American people who want to see Congress work for them?’”

I have to smile at Carney talking about how the White House has always ‘cooperated’ with legitimate oversight..Fast and Furious, NSA-Gate, IRS-Gate, Benghazi…

The Obama Administration’s meme has traveled an amazing distance, from “It was the video” to “What difference does it make” to “Who cares? That was so two years ago. And besides, this is just a partisan Republican witch hunt.” Of course, calling it that when you refuse to participate is what makes it partisan, but it does make a nice talking point to disparage whatever the committee uncovers doesn’t it?.

Perhaps the reason we’re still talking about Benghazi is that the Obama Administration decided to lie about it for partisan political purposes to protect President Obama’s re-election. That’s what the Rhodes e-mail admits in black and white, the one the Administration tried unsuccessfully to hide and had to be pried out of them in federal court.

And because they’ve continued to lie about it ever since. For instance, here’s something I dug out from the memory banks:

President Obama has changed his story on Benghazi several times. In an interview with MSNBC, the president claimed he’d been briefed but that ‘the intelligence was unclear’ and he was still trying to find out what had happened, but that his ‘number one responsibility is to go after folks who did this, and we’re going to make sure that we get them.’ This was on October 29th, well after he had been informed by the CIA that this was an organized and well planned attack by an al-Qaeda affiliated militia.

Yet, on October 28th, the day before that, he was speaking in Denver and had an entirely different story, saying ““The minute I found out what was happening . . . I gave the directive,” he said, “to make sure we are securing our personnel and doing whatever we need to do. I guarantee you everybody in the CIA and military knew the number-one priority was making sure our people are safe.”

Now, as I noticed at the time, what the president said about issuing a directive to the military and the CIA to do whatever they needed to do to rescue the Americans in Libya and make sure they were safe directly contradicted what then Secretary of Defense Leon Pannetta had to say to Congress, not to mention the testimony of General Martin Dempsey, Obama’s Chairman of the JCS and General Ham, then the theater commander of AFRICOM whose responsibilities included Libya who all claim they never got any such directive. And if they had, there would be a written record of it.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was a great piece by Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard, Benghazi Lies submitted by Liberty’s Spirit. The title’s self explanatory… do read it.

So, here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners


Operation Pouty Face

***Seriously, what he said! If you aren’t buying Larry’s books and reading his blog, why the hell not? The guy is epic!!

By: Larry Correia
Monster Hunter Nation

I did a lot of research on human trafficking and modern slavery before Mike Kupari and I wrote Swords of Exodus. It is a horrible, evil, and surprisingly gigantic thing. One thing I’m fairly sure of about the kind of people who do that sort of thing for a living, is that they really don’t give a shit about a bunch of American movie stars taking pouty selfies of themselves holding up signs with hash tag give our girls back. The disapproval of fat, soft, Americans on Facebook really doesn’t move them. They care about getting paid or getting killed, that’s about it. The self-righteous pouting is useless.

Don’t tell me about it, go tell your husband. He’s the one with the red phone.

For the idiot libprog pussies with the selfies, the world is a violent place, filled with violent men. If you actually want something to be done about these evil people, maybe you shouldn’t bitch, whine, and moan every time our military takes action against evil people. It seems odd to me that the same people demanding military action for this are the same ones that complain about military action for anything else. Oh, but wait, I forgot, the left has no overriding principles, and to them violence is always bad unless their guy does it, and evil is relative depending on how it trends on Twitter.

This kidnapping event made the news, but this sort of thing happens every day somewhere in the world. You’re shocked and outraged about this, but that just shows how little you know about the subject. There are plenty of outrageous acts of evil out there to choose from. You can take useless photos of yourself holding up a sign, but it will do nothing other than prove to your fellow idiots that you care so hard.

You want to actually do something? You can demand that America truly be World Cop and swoop in to kill all the bad people every time they do something bad somewhere… Only if you really want that, then you probably shouldn’t bitch continually about the American military doing violent things to violent people. The problem is in reality we couldn’t afford to kill every bad person, we couldn’t pull it off anyway, and it isn’t really our problem.

Real men don’t punch out their wives either. And Hugo Chavez’s political machine just “allocated” girls. Totally different.

But if your selective outrage is really up in arms about this one, movie stars with the hash tag, I’ve got a simple solution for you. Take some of your millions of dollars and hire some mercenaries to go into Africa to shoot all the members of Boko Haram. I wonder how that would trend on Twitter. #gurkhaskillscumbags

But the left hates the private sector, so hiring Blackwater (or whatever they are named this week) to gleefully give slavers some stylish new 5.56 body piercings is out of the question. So we’re back to being useless or taking military action. And if we drop Navy SEALs on these assholes, you guys really need to think through how come it is okay for our guys to kill these woman abusing assholes, but not other woman abusing assholes. Those assholes, left wingers invite to speak at Ivy League colleges.

The real solution? Nigeria is one of dozens of screwed up countries. If Nigeria wants to be truly safe from slavers and madmen, it is going to require the Nigerians defend themselves from assholes, and if the Nigerian government won’t do it, then the Nigerian government needs to be replaced by Nigerians who want something better. For the thousands of other evil events that don’t trend on Twitter, replace Nigeria with whatever lawless hellhole country is in question and you get the same answer. People get freedom when they demand it for themselves.

Real Men provide their wives and daughters with guns so they can shoot kidnappers in the face. Real Countries have laws and exterminate slavers like vermin.

On the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls campaign… Holy shit… Seriously? That is so blindingly obvious that it takes a campaign on Twitter? “OMG! I was totally buying some child brides for my harem and then I saw that Ashton Kutcher said slavery was bad! LOL. I would have been soooo embarrassed!” said no Saudi prince ever.

Sometimes I wish that Exodus was a real organization—a bunch of warriors dedicated to brutally killing slavers and evil warlords in the places where law has broken down and chaos rules—only in real life I bet the morons holding up the signs on Twitter would complain about what horrible violent cismale gendernormative colonialists they were. They’d probably come up with a catchy hash tag or something.