What is Net Neutrality?

Arfen Greebly

Some time back, I asked if anyone could give me a brief, cogent answer to the question, “what is Net Neutrality?”

I complained that the typical answer I get to that question is either some kind of emotionally charged set of assertions or links to some long-winded “explanations” containing fuzzy assertions of their own.

I do believe that I finally have a reasonably simple, reasonably clear, reasonably bullshit-free explanation. And, shockingly, it more or less bears out much of my presumed comprehension, while illuminating those bits of technology where my understandings were weak.

Even more surprising is the source: a trade rag which has always leaned a little to the left of my comfort zone, The Register, out of the UK.


Have a read over that bit of clarity. It’s not long, it uses unusually plain language, and it manages to skirt the hysteria.

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