History Of Government’s “Selective Service” To Our Vets

By: Gerald Loeffers

Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I have been here but, there hasn’t been anything recently that’s been worth writing about, until now that is. This past month, with the VA death panel scandal, the Sgt. Tahmooressi Mexican imprisonment, the 5 Taliban swap for a more than likely Army deserter and possible traitor, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl… all are newsworthy and some of these items have been going on a long time — well before Obama was in office and others have broken the very laws they themselves put on the books, while others have broken with long standing security doctrine. Today, I will also cover a short compilation of our government’s historical treatment of its vets over the years.


I live in Idaho, so I have heard of Bergdahl’s disappearance and the search for him. This was 5 years ago and then the Taliban PSA videos with Bergdahl started to show up here and there. This was cause to question whether he lagged behind a patrol, or was something else going on? So, as this prisoner swap happened, weird and strange things started to occur. Other soldiers who had trained and worked with Bergdahl before, started speaking out and saying he had walked off the base, AWOL and had made anti-American statements where he was telling anyone that would listen how much he hated America. Now, Obama’s excuse for this (he always has one) was that after 5 years, Bergdahl’s life was in danger all of the sudden. And that we needed to release the very 5 worst Taliban pieces of garbage out the door to fight and kill our men again. We should also be looking at the father of this possibly dirty cat, who was tweeting support for Jihadists and speaking to his son in Arabic, proclaiming the grace of Allah. Me thinks we should look to the father as the probable source of Bergdahl’s possibly traitorous actions. We should also conduct the very needed investigation into his anti-American sentiments. I can’t imagine what the soldiers that know this guy are thinking right now. Whatever it is, let’s keep looking into this hellish chain of events. I want more information before I jump the gun. And yes… I know part of the reason for the swap was to bump the VA scandal off the front page.


A brave Marine, Sgt. Tahmooressi, who had gotten back from the theater of war and was getting PTSD treatment in San Diego, and who was spending time with friends having good food and was considering changing his mind about staying overnight in Mexico, walked over and got into his truck, which he was living out of. Everything he owned, including his 3 guns which he has a right to own, was in the truck. He started driving, intending to go back to San Diego, but he made a wrong turn and drove over the Mexican border. Mexican border cops stopped him for inspection and he told them he hadn’t intended to be in Mexico. That he wanted to turn around and go back, but couldn’t because of the lane he was in. He told them about his guns as well. Long story short, the cops called in a Mexican military team and they in turn tried to scare him into bribing them and signing Spanish printed paperwork. He refused and was arrested for “gun running.” I thought you had to be Eric Holder to do that? He was then put in the worst prison around that is run by the drug cartels and was thrown in a cell with 25 murderers, rapists and drug dealers who threatened to rape, torture and kill him. He phoned his mother, telling her he might not make it through the night. He escaped, but was captured and then put in a “safer” part of the prison, where he was cuffed to his bed for 30 days naked. He also attempted to kill himself, but the nicer inmates heard the crashing of glass and saved his life by getting him to a hospital. It’s been 64 days now. Where is the STATE DEPT? WHERE’S THE SEC. OF DEFENSE? Why hasn’t the president even mentioned Tahmooressi’s name or plight? That’s an easy one… it doesn’t fit the political narrative they want us to hear or believe, period. The president boasted about having a pen and a phone. What went wrong? Did he lose them in the laundry?


Separate books, secret lists… sounds like a back door gambling operation from the 1960’s Vegas Mob hay days. Nope… it’s the present VA death panel scandal and the future of your beloved Obamacare system that is already in effect. Hundreds of hard working deserving veterans have DIED because they weren’t deemed worthy of any care or were written off the “COMPUTER” and put into separate books. They were put on hold for 30 days or more, or until they died and some even committed suicide. What the hell is wrong with you ASSHOLES at the VA? What the HELL??? Even Montel Williams, a guy I wouldn’t normally agree with on curtain subjects and a known veteran of the NAVY, has been so impassioned these last few days over this problem, that I will stand by him on this. Let’s be honest… the VA problems have been around for way too long. Look at the decrepit VA hospitals we have had for years — as far back as the Vietnam War. I see Mr. Williams’ idea of a VA SURGE, as a great start to solving the problem. Another thing I think would work is to fire everyone in the VA offices and hospitals that are not experienced vets. The VA system should be run by the vets, for the vets. What a novel idea! They understand the pain, the recovery and they can better deal with the PTSD involved with warfare service. All politicians should be ashamed of the VA conditions that they have ignored for far too long.


SEAL TEAM 6, the hard core 1% of the SEAL teams, who are great guys that don’t talk about the work they do and shouldn’t, were tasked with either capturing or killing Osama bin Laden. An order handed down from Obama that stated that if things went wrong and you are in trouble, don’t call me for help or for back up. You are on your own. After the operation, Obama decides to talk about it in detail. He blabs about the men involved in the operation. Remember, SEAL TEAM 6 at one time was jokingly referred to as SEAL TEAM SHHHHHH, because of their security clearance and the secret nature of the work they did. DUH. Then a few days later, parts of SEAL TEAM 6 were killed in an RPG attack on their chopper. Then we have Benghazi and the SEALS lost in that ignored bloody mess.


Let’s talk WEST POINT… one of the most honored military schools in American history. 20,000 people shoved into the football field, with everyone shoulder to shoulder, music blaring as Obama comes to the platform and just when his crappy speech goes for the clap line, only 30 people applaud and the rest are putting forth that cold and icy cricket silence. The only thing missing was the loud BOOOOs that were needed… DARN.


So, for those of you who think the military won’t open fire on Americans or the vets, let’s review. If they push and shove on issues or protest anything, they will be opened up on. Think about it… it has happened before. The vets of World War I were in Washington D.C. to call on the government to give them the money promised to them for years. They had built shanty towns around the mall and were occupying the area while protesting and calling on FDR to do something. This was called THE BONUS ARMY PROTEST and FDR did respond, but not the way they would have liked. He called up the military and they came in on horse back with rifles and tear gas and proceeded to fire on the crowds and to clear out the mall. They burned down and cleared out the shanty towns. I don’t know if these vets ever got their money that was owed to them, but I do know our government, with a few exceptions, has been pretty crappy to the very men they call on to go to war for them.


We, as a people, need to come together to help out our vets and I don’t care what your political opinion of the current war is. We help the vets all we can. We have to look into maybe privatizing or better yet, Veteranizing, all of the veteran services and I do mean all of them. We need to hire vets of shared experiences. The government, for its part, has fully FAILED period. The government is run by losers and bureaucrats who know nothing and care nothing for the needs of vets. The cost of war to people in general is not real to them. To the vets reading this article, I know nothing of what you have gone through. I know nothing of war. I’ve never been in one, but I do talk to some of you and I hear what you are saying. I have learned more from you than from a bunch of worthless punk bureaucrats.


The Muslim thread in the Obama equation.

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

Sometimes politics is as predictable as a mathematical equation. Assuming all of the relevant factors are known the solution can be found, or at least understood. Three prime examples in the news these past few days are Meriam Ibrahim the Christian woman awaiting execution in Sudan for refusing to convert to Islam, the ex-Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi awaiting trial in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed the border while traveling with registered weapons, and, of course, the return of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who had deserted his post while on active duty in Afghanistan. All three of these examples involve a single common denominator – religion, and specifically, Islam or the absence of it.

Barack Hussein Obama, a onetime Muslim himself, who many believe is still a Muslim even though he attended a Black Christian church run by Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, has surrounded himself with fellow Muslims connected with The Muslim Brotherhood. As a point of fact, Rev. Wright admitted that he never believed Barack Hussein Obama ever left Islam while attending his church. Obama, finding himself in the position of defending his Muslim faith, has stacked up a record number of actions that were not in the best interests of our military because Islam dictates that war be declared against any who kill Muslims. So in defending Islam Barack Hussein Obama does what he can to get back at our soldiers. Such logic can be used to explain why, for instance, would Obama order a change in the Rules of Engagement that would put our fighting soldiers at greater risk in combat. Or the dismal scandal affecting our veterans seeking medical treatment at VA hospitals being placed on lengthy waiting lists. With the successful elimination of Osama bin Ladin by members of the Special Forces SEAL Team 6, payback from a Muslim point of view was called for. Consequently, 3-months later someone ordered 30 American soldiers including many of the original SEAL Team 6 that carried out the raid on Osama bin Ladin’s compound, into an unarmed Chinook helicopter that was shot down by Muslim insurgents in August 2011. All aboard were killed.

As a Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama is motivated to defend Islam and support the Sharia Islamic Laws and one such law calls for the execution of any Muslim who becomes an Apostate when they convert to another religion. Islamic clerics have ruled that any child born of a Muslim father is therefore a Muslim. Meriam Ibrahim was raised as a Christian from childhood after being abandoned by her father. Meriam, who is Sudanese is also married to an American citizen. She was arrested after a family member reported to police that she was an Apostate. In what was supposed to be a criminal trial in an Islamic court that did not allow her to present any defense she was ordered to renounce her Christian faith and return to Islam under penalty of death. Meriam refused to do so and was convicted. She still sits in prison because she was pregnant at the time of her trial and ordered to give birth to her baby before the sentence was carried out. Her 20-month old child is also in the same prison and will presumably be killed along with her. Barack Hussein Obama and his State Department have not intervened on her behalf or on the behalf of her American husband who is also a Christian.

While Barack Hussein Obama took exceptional actions to retrieve an Army deserter named Bowe Bergdahl from Afghanistan, he has done absolutely nothing to help former Marine Andrew Tahmooressi get home from Mexico. Tahmooressi isn’t a Muslim so he has no interest to Obama. Obama went to the extremes of breaking the law by negotiating with terrorists in trading Bowe Bergdahl for 5 top commanders in the Muslim Taliban that were imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. The Islamic connection here can be explained easily because it was reported that after Bowe Bergdahl abandoned his post and went over to the Taliban, he converted to Islam. It was further reported at length in a story on CNN.com that Bowe Bergdahl was instructing the Taliban in making IEDs and how to successfully use them to blow up American troops. So it was imperative for Muslim Barack Hussein Obama to do everything to save this Muslim traitor. The situation becomes even more deplorable when it was learned that a half dozen American soldiers were killed in the effort to locate Bergdahl after he deserted. Adding insult to injury, the White House even claimed that Bergdahl “served with honor and distinction” when National Security Adviser Susan Rice went on national television Sunday to explain why Obama interceded.

Just as the Muslims who devoutly follow the commands in the Qur’an are waging war on Christians in every country they dominate, Barack Hussein Obama is doing the same here at home. Obama has ordered Chaplains to abandon Christian teachings under penalty of court marshal. Z3NEWS, a Christian Church blog wrote last October, “President Obama’s anti-Christian bigotry has now infiltrated all levels of his administration, including the U.S. military where our soldiers are being indoctrinated with a steady diet of anti-Christian hatred. The attacks on Christians are ramping up. Soldiers are being threatened with punishment for donating to any evangelical Christian organizations, which is a flagrant violation of their Constitutional rights.” Obama ordered all Christian symbols, icons, crosses and paintings covered when he spoke at the Roman Catholic Georgetown University in April 2009 and repeated another coverup when he spoke at Notre Dame a month later. And lets not forget the Obama administration has purged all references to Muslim and Islamic terrorism from training manuals used by the FBI. And has repeatedly refused to classify the slaughter of unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood by Muslim “Soldier of Allah” Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan as a terrorist act but instead, insisted it was simply workplace violence.

When Barack Hussein Obama announced the return of Bowe Bergdahl during a press conference in the Rose Garden, he was flanked by Bergdahl’s parents. Several conservative bloggers noted that when Robert Bergdahl, Bowe’s father, spoke at the microphone he invoked a Muslim chant praising Allah saying “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” Arabic for “in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.” and the video tape shown below recorded a broad smile on Obama’s face when he heard the words. Robert Bergdahl encouraged his son to follow his conscience and Bowe apparently did so when he wrote that wanted to renounce his U.S. citizenship.

Meanwhile, CNSNews.com reports that the U.S. State Department won’t even say if the infant child of Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim born in the prison cell where Merian is chained to the wall, is even a U.S. citizen. Such is the present course of American history under the leadership of Democrats and Muslims. I pray for our Republican representatives in Congress to find the courage to commence proceedings to impeach this imposter president. Someone must have the backbone to stand up to this wannabe dictator and tell him he must face his crimes.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides.