Kyl says Obama said no border security for political reasons – Flashback

Hat Tip: BB

Ted Cruz: Unaccompanied minors being sexually assaulted by cartels a DIRECT consequence of Obama’s lawlessness

Will immigration crisis become Obama’s ‘Katrina moment’?

Secret Emails, Administration Lies, And The Full Details Of The Obama Created Border Crisis – Also Outline of FEMA Request For Housing “Unaccompanied Alien Children”…

In deep South Texas, a daily tide of poor migrants

RICK PERRY: Refuses To Shake Obama’s Hand On Tarmac, Here’s Why RP’s Pissed

Is this the feds’ next Cliven Bundy moment?

Are States Constitutionally Required to Educate Illegal Immigrant Children?

President who created border crisis not eager to resolve border crisis

Buchanan: ‘A Country that Won’t or Can’t Control Its Borders Is Not a Country Anymore’

The worms turn: Lib reporter calls border crisis Obama’s Katrina moment.

Peter Lucas: Obama’s ‘Mariel boatlift’

Bill O’Reilly: Obama Administration Said for Years the Border Was Secure – ‘The Public Was Sold a Lie’ (Video)

Oakland NBC Affiliate Reality Check: 600% Increase in Illegal Alien Children Arriving Since Obama’s 2012 Executive Order – Video 7/7/14

White House requests $3.7 billion in emergency border control funds

U.S. general says crime-terror convergence emerging on border

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