Ted Cruz on the Democrats’ New Plan to Ban Opposing Political Speech

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By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Trojan_horse_ÇanakkaleThe Democratic Party, the party of 21st Century Marxofascism in America, wishes to utilize their manufactured furor over the Supreme Court’s Citizens United case. Through a newly proposed constitutional amendment, they are attempting to apply their typically fuzzy use of language to hide the body of the marauder-filled Trojan Horse behind yet another grand semiotic curtain, while claiming only its head is their gift to the People.

Such claims can work, as Nancy Pelosi infamously alluded, until the legislation is passed and we are actually shown what they want to believe is “in it.” The Democrat controlled Senate is currently debating such measures in committee.

As Ted Cruz describes, this despotic aggression, endorsed by forty-six Democrat senators, would allow for limits to political speech rising to the level of book banning, hence his reference to the patriotic Ray Bradbury’s book.

Time to show the names of those forty-six and record them for the voter’s personal decision making. That is the kind of work with due funding we are attempting at the Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam).

As we see currently in the political persecution by the Internal Revenue Service, in Obamacare, and in the rapid melanomas of the EPA and DHS, Soviet-style bureaucratic discretion in the application of broadly written law must not be allowed in the United States of America. All such legislation must be prevented or revoked, one way or another, for the survival of the freedom inherent the truly empowered sovereignty of the People. Let us make the discovery and then the elimination of such executive and bureaucratic latitude a test and a standard in our country.

The only kind of legislation which should be established or allowed to stand is precisely defined and narrowly written legislation.

The July 10th video from his YouTube account, “Sen. Ted Cruz: These are the Fahrenheit 451 Democrats“:


If the First Amendment is lost, the People will have to engage the power of the Second and that is why the incrementalist totalitarians of the Democratic Party attack each.

h/t: Paul Joseph Watson

3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz on the Democrats’ New Plan to Ban Opposing Political Speech

  1. In the 1960’s the left agitated for free speech. We were told over and over by their champions in the media that those on the left were great civil libertarians. In the 80’s, the left agitated for less restrictions on sexual behavior and expression. We were told over and over by commentators and in the tone of the reporting that these people just wanted to have a more equitable and less restrictive society.

    Now we find out that the left was not looking out for the rest of us. They were really not agitating to help society make “progress”. What they were doing was making elbow room, an inch at a time, to break down social barriers enough so they could seize control, via occupying positions of control in political and media institutions. The end point of this was not to give everyone more liberty. It was to be able to impose a society upon everyone that conformed to the liberal Utopia, where people exist to serve the Statist Collective, and where different opinions are a criminal offense.

    We are seeing that liberalism (er, “progressivism”) is really dangerous to our prosperity and our liberty. Liberalism is the new slave master.

  2. This is beyond shameful!

    What is it really that has these leftists democrats so scared that they feel the need to subvert our rights? Indeed – their behavior accompanied by their actions are getting more shrill by the day.
    If they were so sure and secure in their ideology – they would not have the urge deceive so often!

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